Wise Up Journal

Scientists funded by the Medical Research Council revealed they have for the first time infected non-human/primate animals with the Rhinoviruses (cold).

The scientists infected genetically modified mice. The mice respiratory systems had a human version of a “receptor protein” to allow natures cross specie protection barrier to be broken.

Unlike bird flu this is a human/primate only virus that has been passed to another animal previously protected, thanks to man-made genetic abnormalities, which pave the way for deadlier viruses being passed and mutated.

Professor Johnston said, “Rhinoviruses are not innocent viruses. They kill people in large numbers from acute asthma attacks and chronic bronchitis and emphysema.”

In 2007 foot and mouth disease broke out again because of leaks from a British government lab. Could tampering with the genetic code to infect animals with foreign viruses in the hope of finding a cure have unforeseen consequences?

With the advent of cross specie viruses being hailed, a variety of experiments will be preformed. Inevitably viruses will mutate (as it is their nature) and viruses eventually will be leaked like foot and mouth disease. Will such a virus have devastating effects? Until today this question was science fiction, now it’s a possibility. The “next plague” which scientists have fearmongered about for at least a decade could well be to their credit.

Unfortunately a similar scenario is currently being played out with the food supply. Monsanto’s genetically altered seeds through wind dispersal are infecting natural crops. Monsanto’s patented seeds are designed not to reproduce but they do infect healthy crops like a virus. Because they do not reproduce a new batch of seeds must be purchased every year to replant empty fields. These seeds are replacing the free natural food supply.

Do not expect politicians to “fight” this global problem like global warming because it lays with a very profitable industry and unlike global warming (why not pollution?) the ordinary people can not be duped it is their own fault (to be taxed of course). Monsanto infection has reached epidemic proportions in Mexico where their natural species of corn are in danger of extinction.

Once again governments controlled by big business lobbyists (and others) fail in it’s duties to protect public health. In Monsanto’s case the earth’s food supply. Not only does our governments allow scientists to play with [genetic] fire, they encourage it.