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By Neil Foster

“How Do You Feel After Your Flu Jab Mr. Smith? Mr. Smith….. You Can’t Sleep in Here! Wake Up!”

On 3rd April 2011 the Irish Independent published an article, by Jerome Reilly, titled:-

‘GPs must return flu vaccine over narcolepsy fears’

The article states that the ‘swine flu’ vaccine Pandemrix was responsible for the onset of the rare condition which manifests as sudden unexpected bouts of falling asleep and GP’s were ordered to remove it from use.

It isn’t that this is a temporary condition. Narcolepsy is incurable and is a serious debilitating condition which basically ensures a sufferer can never take up employment or even venture outside the home without someone accompanying them.

Imagine suddenly falling asleep behind the wheel of a truck or working up a scaffold on a building site or simply cooking dinner for your young children at home?

Yet, despite studies having previously been carried out in both Finland and Sweden, the Irish government through the HSE went ahead and infected healthy people with this debilitating condition.

The previous week, on 27th March 2011, in what was called an ‘exclusive’ again by Jerome Reilly in the same publication reported that cases of narcolepsy had doubled after ‘swine flu’ jabs and that many cases of adverse effects had been recorded around the country in an article titled:-

‘Rise in sleep illness cases linked to swine-flu jab’

Is anyone getting the feeling that something a lot more was going on behind the scenes in this one week than meets the eye? What did they find and why didn’t they inform the public immediately?

Moving on to July 23rd, again in the same publication, but by a different writer, Eilish O’Regan, labelled the ‘Health Correspondent’ wrote an article titled:-

‘Watchdog probes flu jab link to narcolepsy’

Bear in mind that the ‘Health Correspondent’ must have been aware of the previous 2 articles and the rapid removal of Pandemrix from GP’s surgeries after 8 cases of narcolepsy were reported in the week leading up to 27th March. This was double the previous cases but the article doesn’t state how many had been ‘vaccinated’ at that point in time although if Pandemrix was removed from doctor’s surgeries the following week, then as the above article states, all 900,000 doses must have been administered at this stage or at least by April 3rd 2011.

However, not according to the Irish Examiner’s article the previous day, 22nd July 2011, titled:-

‘Flu vaccine Pandemrix not recommended for children’

According to the Irish Examiner there had only been 850 doses given at that time? Where did the number 900,000 come from? It also states that 13 cases of narcolepsy had been reported at that time which would make the ratio of those ‘vaccinated’ who contract narcolepsy 5.3 cases per 1000 or 53 cases per 10,000 or 530 cases per 100,000. Remember that the Irish Independent article stated that the ratio was 7 per 100,000!

Do you think there’s something wrong here?

Obviously the 900,000 figure has been deliberately thrown into the mix, plucked out of thin air, to massage the real horror statistics of this particular side effect of Pandemrix. Narcolepsy is but one of them!

Nowhere in the 23rd July Irish Independent article does it mention that this drug should not be given to children. This was written by a ‘Health Correspondent’ who had access to the Examiner article warning of this fact published just the previous day.

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