The NHF Ireland
By David Massey

FREE EVENT : NHF Ireland Presents Dr Paul Connett @ Gibson Hotel, Dublin City On May 11th @ 6pm

Dr Paul Connett a world recognised expert on fluoridation will be speaking in the Gibson Hotel -Dublin City Centre on May 11th at 6pm

Seats are limited and will be given out on a first come basis so please arrive early

Paul has researched the literature on fluoride’s toxicity and the fluoridation debate; interviewed many leading researchers and critics of fluoridation on video; given many presentations in several countries (to both community groups and public bodies, including the National Research Council and the US EPA); challenged leading proponents to debate the issue publicly (they nearly always decline).

In October 2000, he was invited by the Irish government to present his views on fluoridation before the Fluoridation Forum, a panel established by the Irish Ministry of Health. At his testimony he challenged the forum to respond in writing to his “50 Reasons for Opposing Fluoridation” ( After initially setting up a sub-committee to do this, the Forum has failed to issue a response after four years, despite editorials in the Irish Medical News and questions in the Irish Parliament (the Dail).


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