Wise Up Journal
by Gabriel O’Hara

Next week 15kg of Hydrogen Cyanide will explode on the Dublin/Wicklow mountains only a few miles from Dublin City centre. The Department of Defence will facilitate the explosion by making Kilbride Army Camp available to the company Rentokil’s open air disposal and destruction of the deadly chemical, which is listed as a weapon of mass destruction by the UN’s Chemical Weapons Convention.

Worried TD Liz McManus said, “plans are in place between Rentokil and South Dublin County Council to explode seven cylinders of hydrogen cyanide in the Manor Kilbride area of West Wicklow.” She also described the situation as a, “crazy plan without any consultation with residents or local public representatives.”

Despite other methods of lethal chemical disposal the Irish Government, who also adds industrial byproduct fluoride to the drinking water allowing unknown doses to be ingested by the public, have approved this method as reported by the Herald; “South Dublin County Council has confirmed the waste hydrogen cyanide will be destroyed by explosion later this month.”

This information was only made public by a leak to the media from a concerned individual and follow up investigation. The cylinders will be transported from Ballymount/Tallaght area on to Wicklow. Although the government receives authority from citizens it has sided with the interest of a company over the wishes of the Irish people and at the risk of their health yet again.