Wise Up Journal
by Gabriel O’Hara

Below this CNN article are comments from Wise Up Journal concerning the perceived risks from The Center for Genetics and Society (Genetics Society) and their “solutions” which create the biggest tyranny humanity has ever faced:

By Mike Steere

Designer babies: Creating the perfect child

LONDON, England (CNN)

Will you go for the brown hair or blond? Would you prefer tall or short? Funny or clever? Girl or boy?

With rapid advances in scientific knowledge of the human genome and our increasing ability to modify and change genes, this scenario of “designing” your baby could well be possible in the near future.

Techniques of genetic screening are already being used — whereby embryos can be selected by sex and checked for certain disease-bearing genes. This can lead to either the termination of a pregnancy, or if analyzed at a pre-implantation stage when using In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), can enable the pregnancy to be created using only non-disease bearing genes.

British scientists last week developed a “genetic MoT” test, which offers a universal method of screening embryos for diseases using a new technique of karyomapping, which is more efficient than previous processes.

The test would be taken on a two-day-old IVF embryo and is yet to be validated, but it could mark a significant change; allowing doctors to screen for gene combinations that create higher risks of diabetes, heart disease or cancer.

Experts estimate the test, if licensed by the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority, could be available for around $3000.

In the future we may also be able to “cure” genetic diseases in embryos by replacing faulty sections of DNA with healthy DNA, in a process called germ line therapy. This has been performed on animal embryos but is currently illegal for humans.

Furthermore, the developing technologies of genetic alteration open up a whole new set of possibilities — which could result in so-called “designer babies.”

The technique — known as inheritable genetic modification — modifies genes in eggs, sperm or early embryos and results in the altered genes being passed on to future generations.

This could potentially irreversibly alter the human species. So, the obvious question arises: should we be doing this?

Some countries have made genetic screening or alteration illegal by law,

In September, Internet giants Google and Microsoft withdrew adverts for sex selection products and other services considered illegal in India when they were threatened with legal action.

The Center for Genetics and Society is trying to encourage debate on the topic — as soon as possible.

Executive director of the organization, Richard Hayes, told CNN that the general public of most countries was missing out on taking part in the debate.

“The debate has taken place amongst scientists and science journalists, but average people feel overwhelmed with the technical detail. They feel disempowered.”

Hayes said his organization supported the use of embryo screening to help prevent the passing on of serious diseases and disorders like Cystic Fibrosis, but is wary of other technologies and how genetic screening and alteration can be misused.

He said there were immense amounts of resources being poured into developing gene altering techniques and no laws in many countries to stop them from starting clinics that could offer selected cosmetic traits.

“As technology advances it is possible that any number of human characteristics in part influenced by genes could come under human control. Right now there is an enormous amount of research being conducted to correlate specific genes with specific characteristics.”

One of the organizations researching genetic alteration is the University of California Irvine’s Sue and Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center.

Professor of biological chemistry and developmental and cell biology, and co-director of the Center, Peter Donovan, feels the research could have massive benefits.

After his team discovered a greatly improved method for genetically manipulating human embryonic stem cells earlier this year, Donovan said:

“The ability to generate large quantities of cells with altered genes opens the door to new research into many devastating disorders.

But according to Hayes the potential for misuse of this technology could have dire consequences for the human race.

“This runs many risks. It’s used in many countries to avoid the birth of female children.

“The technologies are going to be accessible to affluent couples and would be used in ways that could increase inequality. The last thing we need now is a genetic elite.

“This designing aspect would also lead to an objectification of children as commodities.”

Hayes said it was important that people began debating the issues now so the correct “rules, regulations and regulatory oversights” could be established before the technology was complete and accessible.

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Comments from Wise Up Journal

Notice how Hayes of the Genetics Society pacifies the argument by stressing he is concerned by the many risks involved in altering humanity. The average reader is relieved the people pushing this agenda seem balanced and concerned. However Hayes lists his contrived risks which might tunnel hole the reader to believe these are the genetic alteration issues we have to worry about and solve. Hayes wants human alteration, but wants a governing body,”regulatory oversights”, to make ensure the girl to boy ratio is maintained in society. Hayes worry is solved by state control (manufactured problem, desired solution).

His other worry is that the middle class could afford to alter their children, or be eligible to for a loan to do so, while poorer people’s children would be left behind. The desired solution to this would be covering the service with social welfare so there’s “no child left behind”, all can be modified by the state.

Hayes’ last risk published in the CNN article is that this modification of humanity might lead to children being viewed as commodities. If private clinics have more options to offer than the government clinics this will lead to children of a “better” breed which would lead to inequality when it comes to employment and insurance etc. Health and intelligence are two major factors that could create inequality, hair and eye colour are frivolous and might be left to parental decision. The only way to prevent this inequality is with regulations and state oversight to ensure a set standard is being used, to “protect” children from being objectified as commodities. In EU countries the unelected EU commission of course will be the supreme governing body that will decide the standardization of its citizens unless it delegates that power to the unelected United Nations or implements the UN’s recommendations. Would bureaucrats and the elite desire to embed all their citizens with a level of intelligence that could easily spot EU & UN hypocrisy and alter their citizens to have the same level of gusto that Martin Luther King had? Presently they don’t appriciate those kinds of individuals, they just get in the way of their vision of “progress”.

The solutions to Hayes’ risks are they biggest danger humanity and freedom has ever faced. It is at the stage now where this goal could unfold. If the majority of the public do not reject it there could be no turning back…. for the ruled masses.

The public might not have a chance to reject it if they also allow the sperm crisis to continue which is effecting males in the first world. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported that the sperm count of a “healthy” male has dropped by more than half in the last 50 years (bigger drop if you go back further) with 85% of that “healthy” male’s sperm DNA-damaged, leaving only 15% healthy. Given the average sperm count at 80 million sperm per millilitre 50 years ago, today a “healthy” male would have 40 million with 34 million (85%) DNA damaged, leaving only 6 million healthy sperm. A 92.5% reduction of healthy sperm. Not long to go.


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