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By Mail Foreign Service

Chinese family planning authorities have detained 1,300 people to sterilise as part of a crackdown on parents who violate strict birth control rules.

Authorities in Puning, a city in southern China’s Guangdong province, have detained the men and women against their will in cramped offices, according to state media.

Officials in Puning last week launched a 20-day campaign to sterilise 9,559 women or their husbands who they suspect of planning to have a second or third child.

State media said that half of that number have so far agreed to comply.

The Nanfang Countryside Daily reported that those detained included parents who refused to undergo a surgical sterilisation procedure and their ‘relatives’.

Among those held are the elderly parents of those who have tried to evade the family planning authorities. The newspaper claimed that on April 10 some 100 people, mostly old, were seen inside a 200 metre square building at a family planning centre.

An employee at the Puning Population and Family Bureau told the publication: ‘It’s not uncommon for family planning authorities to adopt some tough tactics.’

Among those being held was the 64-year-old father of Huang Ruifeng, who already has three daughters.

Mr Huang told the Global Times: ‘Several days ago, a village official called me and asked me or my wife to return for the surgery. Otherwise they would take away my father.’

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