The key point to take from the articles below is not supposedly failed technology to prevent radiation but that cell/mobile phones heat the brain.


Omega withdraws anti-radiation chip from sale

Belgian health products distributor Omega Pharma has withdrawn from sale a chip it launched last week to counter potentially damaging radiation from mobile phones.

It said that the E-Waves Phone Chip reduced the heating effect of a mobile phone, but not to the degree it had initially indicated.


The Register
By James Sherwood

Anti-radiation phone chip withdrawn from sale

Do you remember our E-Waves anti-radiation chip story from last week? Well, the retailer behind the device has since withdrawn it from sale because of doubts over its capabilities.

Belgian pharmacy chain Omega Pharma has since said that, following launch of the E-Waves chip, a “storm of protest broke out during which scientific proof of doctors and professors was brought into doubt,” according to a Reuters report.

The chip was supposedly able to neutralise a phone’s potentially harmful rays by blasting out “a quantum physical information wave” towards your brain when a mobile is in use.

In an effort to get its message across at launch, Omega Pharma released contrasting thermal imaging shots of someone’s head during a mobile phone conversation. One picture showed how the user’s brain heated up when using an ordinary phone, whilst another image showed that the person’s cranium was kept cooler, allegedly thanks to the chip’s protection.