Wise Up Journal
by Gabriel O’Hara

An Irish Independent article below informs us Tesco have started labelling products with a “carbon footprint logo” that shows how much CO2 they estimate was produced during the entire “life” of a product. Tesco juice concentrate cartons tell the public that the concentrate juice produced only 260 grams of CO2 while a 100% pure squeezed juice caused a lot more, 360 grams of CO2 during it’s “life”. Is this an attempt to make people believe unhealthier food could lead to a greener lifestyle and unhealthier products are “greener products”?

Expect soon to be told that genetically modified food is greener than natural food because they don’t require pesticides, due to insects dying if they try to eat them, and that they can grow faster and so on, thus giving GM food a lower “carbon footprint” estimate.

Anyone who believes the climate has never changed before and is only changing because of human CO2 (not the sun or even other larger CO2 sources) will most likely feel guilt association with healthier products like 100% pure squeezed juice or free-range chickens. Will this Tesco scheme potentially influencing and jeopardise people’s health choices? If this, what some might call propaganda, takes off with other competing and non-competing companies it could spark public outcry against natural product companies like Innocent Drinks that prides it’s self on not using concentrate juices.

Irish Independent
Wednesday September 10 2008

Tesco unveils carbon footprint food labels

TESCO has become the first supermarket chain in Ireland to introduce carbon labelling showing the environmental “footprint” of nine of its own-brand products, writes Paul Melia.

Chief executive Tony Keohane told the EPA’s Environmental Ireland conference yesterday that the move was designed to allow consumers choose greener products.

“Carbon labelling gives consumers a choice to select a product on the basis of its environmental impact,” Mr Keohane said. “This is a significant step on the road to green consumerism and I believe that the carbon label, in time, could become as relevant as price or nutritional content on product labels.”

The labels feature a carbon footprint logo and details of the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases produced during the life cycle of each product.

On the Tesco juice from concentrate cartons, the label informs consumers that the carbon footprint of the juice is 260 grams per 250ml serving.

It adds that the footprint of Tesco 100pc pure squeezed juice is 360g per 250ml serving, because more energy is required to chill and transport pure juice than concentrate.

Quotes from Tesco’s “greener” living website section:

  • “Your lifestyle creates carbon, or CO2, which adds to climate change.”
  • “We hope that this simple label will allow you to easily understand the carbon footprint of individual products – and therefore help you to reduce your carbon footprint. Remember – almost half of your footprint comes from products you buy and services you use.”
  • Life of a product = “growing, manufacturing, transporting and storing a product. It also considers the impact of preparing or using a product and then disposing of any waste.”
  • “Some labels will also give you tips about how to reduce a product’s footprint when you cook it, use it or dispose of it.”
  • “over half the footprint of a King Edward baked potato is created by the energy used to cook it. You can reduce this by using a microwave […]”

The Irish government is pumping a lot of money into forming the public mind, by marketing CO2 footprint and climate change on TV, buses, and other forms of media through their new department project called Change (www.Change.ie), who’s website states, “Our move to a low GHG emission society will transform our economy.” The government hope to make Ireland a “low carbon society” and using their CO2 footprint calculator you and your children can see how way over the safety limit you are. You can see how much you and your family allegedly contribute to the “global warming disaster”, despite that temperatures are actually falling and despite the fact that NASA have reported a 30% increase of the Arctic ice.

This type of government propaganda is happening world wide and new laws are being proposed to allow the government to regulate every aspect of your life in pursuit of reordering the western way of life to a “low emission society“. And it’s an idea that has been around a long time, even before the global cooling scares of the 1970’s, allegedly also caused by CO2. In the past this idea was held by elites, but now it’s held by the majority of government servants and main stream news corporations; which influences a large number of the public who are not immune to propaganda.

Maurice Strong, founder of the UN Environment Programme: “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

Large scale propaganda easily works on the public when most of them are too busy to double check information they hear on TV, such as adverts by Change that people might hear during the break of their favourite TV soap. Another reason being naive child like views that globalised corporations and organisations, like the UN, don’t influence nation’s policies. Many other reasons also come in to play why propaganda works on large number of the public… and let’s not forget that the ordinary modern person has been conditioned to accuse, and to not like being accused, of “thinking too much”. If you believe the mental debilitating expression, “what you don’t know won’t hurt you,” then remember what you now know from this article, otherwise healthily find out more.