Wise Up Journal
by Gabriel O’Hara

On Saturday the 6th at a crisis meeting the Food Safety Authority of Ireland stated that all pork in Ireland, and exported internationally, have been recalled. Citizens have been advised to destroy all the pork they have. The Food Safety Authority has said all pork consumed over the last three months since September 1st were most likely contaminated with extremely high levels of  damaging PCB dioxins. Contaminated animal feed has been confirmed as the cause.

Pure poison

The Irish Times confirms the findings of the tests: “the pork tested this week had up to 200 times more dioxins than is considered safe.” The PCB “safety” limit of the EU is set at a maximum of 14 pg TEQ/kg per week, that would mean Irish pork has been tested at levels of around 2,800 pg TEQ/kg per week to match the stated “200 times”, which is 19,990% above the limit.

PCBs are resistant to environmental degradation and accumulate in human and animal tissue. PCB causes permanent liver damage, cancers (the U.S Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has concluded that PCBs may reasonably be anticipated to be carcinogens), lower immune system response, slower cognitive  (reasoning) function, memory lose, and reproductive damage. Some easy to spot symptoms of  PCB contamination of humans, though you most likely will not have all, are fatigue, slower cognition, headaches, coughs, skin rashes, or sores and it has been documented that some may become very thin. PCBs alter estrogen levels; in the womb males can be feminised or the baby may become a hermaphrodite, it can also cause disfiguring birth defects.

Curiously I have been getting concerned comments from friends and family over my unexpected drop in weight. Last week I took notice when a few co-workers were discussing how they’ve gone to sleep unusually early recently as I myself was experiencing the same thing. Two weeks ago my wife’s friend had to take 2 days off of work after fainting then being diagnosed with fatigue by her doctor.

In 1968, also for three months, “about 14,000 people who had consumed the contaminated rice oil were affected in Japan.” PCB production was banned in the 1970’s. Monsanto one of the worlds leading GM seed companies, which has an revealing/horrifying history, was one of the first producers of PCBs and also agent Orange among other toxic product.

While watching the news you’ll notice the main talking points are how this would incur losses for the pig industry, the Irish economy and involved bad timing for a government currently under scrutiny, then comes the people’s health. When melamine, know in China as a baby killing chemical, was reported to have contaminated U.S. milk last month it only involved 3 companies. However 90% of  the U.S. milk market is held by the same 3 companies involved in the toxic melamine scandal.  The poisoning of Irish pork involves 9 producers and has lead to all domestic and global Irish pork being recalled which suggests these companies could hold a large majority of the Irish market.

Irish Beef

Irish Beef is a considerably larger export market and the same precautions to protect human health would do even greater damage to the sacred economy. The Irish Times published that Agriculture Minister Brendan Smith said, “47 farms, including 38 beef farms, had been restricted because they were identified as having received possibly contaminated animal feed. There was only one feed supplier involved.” Despite beef farms confirmed feeding their cattle with food from a confirmed contaminated supplier the so called expert, the Agriculture Minister said, “the issue of beef involvement is very different” and “no further action at this stage other than what we have done in prohibiting movement off the farms is required. Testing is however taking place.”

Currently the majority of the public hold the view that the government knows best. When independent medical studies highlight major human health risks (that make the government corporations liable) the public believe the political so called experts that these independent studies are somehow probably maybe biased. This happens because blindinly trusting the government is the psychological easy and reasuring road as it involves no work researching a new topic and the public do have the prash “don’t think too much” in their head, fourtunatly for some. Occasonally when a major incedent occurs like this PCB scandal the majority of the public allow each other to moan about it but then they end their brief conversations with the auto-talk phrash of “but what can we do about it” before going back to discussing what they watched on TV last night for 4 hours.

Hopefully this particular health crisis will serve as a wake up to the public to stop blissfully handing over trust to political protectors of the people’s economy… health. It is blissful because it does not involve any work on part of the individual. There are number of products on the market right now that are doing considerable damage to people’s health. Individuals should use this as an opportunity to do research for themselves and trust their own judgement rather than political “experts” who have higher priorities than your health. Read independent studies and compare them to logic the twisted government and corporate reports. The system should be changed so political experts can not ignore risks by feigning incompetence or “not knowing”. Don’t back down until a change in the system is made that allows the full prosecution of people that protect industry over health. Don’t hand over trust to a politician to make this change lazily happen for us. If you do back down from this work expect to enjoy your self slowly getting sicker until you have to give back all your post-tax money, devalued by inflation, to medical corporations and hospitals.

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