Cockroach king reigns as pest-killers discuss climate change

BANGKOK (AFP) – More than 100 of Southeast Asia’s hardiest bugs measured up this week in Bangkok, where experts met to discuss new ways of controlling the pests, which they say are a major contributor to global warming.

But the chairman of the August 13-15 summit said the competition itself was an important exercise in pest control, while other highlighted the bugs’ role in climate change.

More than 600 insect killers and entymologists from Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand convened in a Bangkok hotel for the biannual event to share their knowledge of the latest killer chemicals and techniques. The industry is worth an estimated 3.5 billion dollars this year to Thailand alone.

But this year’s summit brought with it a global message — insects cause climate change.

Suchart said bugs are one of the main contributors to global warming because of the CO2 they emit when passing wind.

“Every termite will emit CO2 from their gut because when they consume the wood and digest it they get wind,” Suchart explained.

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