Wise Up Journal
Harry O’Reilly

It is interesting, to say the least, that the National Flag has developed a fourth colour – Gold only since February 22 of this year, 2007.

What has occurred, is that the Flag on display in the Dáil and Seanad Chambers is now ribboned with a Gold Fringe around it. This is in clear violation of article seven of the Irish Constitution. This article from the original text draft of the Constitution clearly states, “The flag of three colours i.e. green, white, and orange, (is) the National emblem/flag”.

New Irish Flag

But what does this ‘addition’ represent?

According to research it is also a precursors to Martial Law (no longer protected by the constitution or the law of the land). It comes at a time when the country is presented with a referendum on the E.U. Constitution/Lisbon Treaty. Very suspect indeed.  It symbolises that Ireland has willingly sold out the sovereignty of the People to the elite’s New World Order or the Emerging International Order as Bertie Ahern likes to calls it.

This Gold Fringed flag is also displayed in the Supreme Court.