We believe in every country governing themselves by the people, for the people. Politicians will mislead you into believing this is ‘isolationism’, and some unscrupulous ones might use fear by telling you your county’s economy will not do well if you don’t handover power in this new EU treaty/constitution. But that is not so, being sovereign does not mean you can’t trade and co-operate with other countries and have a successful economy. At the moment three of the richest countries in the world: Norway, Switzerland and Iceland are non-EU members. In these countries the people are in control of their destinies, help Ireland vote no. Ireland is the only one out of the 27 allowed vote and the only one that can keep your country free.

Pro EU Constitution politicians in our Government are going to spend millions to manufacture a yes vote. Our organisation We Are Change Ireland has decided to focus our efforts on countering the yes vote propaganda and we are determined to make the public aware of what is at stake, the Irish constitution that our grandfathers fought for, our freedom and the freedom of all the other EU members.

We need all the support we can get. Donations will go towards banners, stickers, badges, street actions, posters, flyers, advertisements, phoning radio stations, travel by bus to other Irish cities, and any new ideas that will be effective in stopping a yes vote. We are digging money out of our own pockets at the moment, it all adds up fast. We will continue fighting for this great cause to the end by any effective means possible while using every cent wisely. You can help us gain momentum and have a stronger effect against the Governments millions. If you can only send €10 through paypal, even that would help, there is no minimum donation. We’ll be publishing all our efforts online. The people of Ireland have the faith of Europe in our hands, and it’s time we act fast, with courage, and conviction, we’ll canvass all people that believe in freedom and honesty to vote.

On behalf of the organisation, we thank everyone who supports us financially or in other ways.

We Are Change Ireland