Wise Up Journal
By David Richards

Professor Richard Dawkins is a huge star in Britain. He has sold millions of books and presented various television series promoting atheism and extolling the virtues of science. His recent global bestseller was ‘The God Delusion.’

Being a Darwinist he promotes a purely materialist view of the world as the best way forward for mankind.

I remember reading Dawkins’ ‘The Selfish Gene’ when I was an impressionable teenager.

The message of the book is that all animals, including us, are gene machines, meaning we are designed with the sole intention of passing on our genetic material (i.e. a virus).

All moral and spiritual capacities are the design of our gene’s blind desire for success.

This message had a profound effect on me. I felt like a self-aware android, perceiving my cold mechanical nature.

In this worldview, all the human qualities that we find life affirming: kindness, laughter, creativity etc, are the extravagant disguise of the virus deep in the core of ourselves.

Dawkins also referred to memes, the hypothesis that ideas act like genes: they are separate and distinct entities that act in their own selfish interest to reproduce.

Dawkins stated that religious beliefs are ‘viruses of the mind’. They debilitate the infected host by making them delusional and wasting their time and money. They spread using threats and tricks.

Religions and belief systems have been used to control societies. The idea that atheistic scientific rationalism will create a utopia on earth is itself a belief system.

What are the political and psychological connotations of the scientific utopia idea?

Atheism removes the spirit, knocking man down to the level of basic animals. Leaving individuals to know they are, and will remain, nothing more than an underdog with no inner meaning to his life. Conquering modern-man by ripping out his spirit simply by altering his perceptions.

Carl Jung knew this. In his book ‘The Undiscovered Self’ (1958) he wrote:

“One of the chief factors responsible for psychological mass-mindedness is scientific rationalism, which robs the individual of his foundations and his dignity.”

Jung gave the example in education to show how this process works:

“Scientific education is based in the main on statistical truths and abstract knowledge and therefore imparts an unrealistic, rational picture of the world, in which the individual, as a merely marginal phenomenon, plays no role.”

The idea is to create an easily controlled conformist mass, and to crush the spiritual individual who may question power. Remove spirituality and the state along with malleable public opinion becomes the supreme moral authority.

Jung writes that in an atheist society the state uses the same psychological techniques as a Church to replace it:

“The State, like the Church, demands enthusiasm, self-sacrifice and love, and if religion requires or presupposes the ‘fear of God,’ then the dictator State takes good care to provide the necessary terror.”

The state teaches us our values (political correctness), and our purpose in life (to be a good citizen/tax-payer).

The church leads societies to consensus through scripture; the state leads by the atheistic worship of rationality. The belief is that a perfectly rational mind will logically reach the best answer to a problem. However, numerous factors can make a logical conclusion incorrect.

Globalization and the UN’s educational department (UNESCO) are helping create a scientific rational world populace.

Organized religion has been a wonderfully effective form of control for the elite for thousands of years. Certainly Christians will agree to this when it comes to Hindus, and Hindus when it comes to Christians. But now established religions are on the chopping board as they are a hindrance for a global society, a standardized society. The unquestionable belief in all scientific rational, true and false alike, is filling the ever weakening religion gap with the belief of progress to a science utopia becoming dominant.

At the same time light “New Age” religions are promoted that are global in character. These tend to use the phrases “we are all one”, “nature, animals, and humanity have an interconnected conciousness”.

UN award winner lord Bertrand Russell, who is from the dominant minority class, wrote in his book, ‘The Impact of Science on Society’, that science is used to strengthen elite control (1952):

“The effect of the telegraph was to increase the power of the central government and diminish the initiative of distant subordinates. This applied not only to the State, but to every geographically extensive organization. We shall find a great deal of scientific technique has a similar effect. The result is that fewer men have executive power, but those few had more power than such men had formerly.”

We are ruled by science so we are required to faithfully believe in it. Flawed scientific studies and theories go down the memory hole to join the Royal College of Surgeons’ Piltdown man.

Richard Dawkins, called ‘Darwin’s Rottweiler’, is a preacher of our new religious belief.


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