Wise Up Journal
by Greg O’Brien

According to the latest Sunday Business Post/Red C monthly tracking poll there’s been a dramatic change in support for the Lisbon Treaty:

“Support for the treaty has fallen from 43 per cent in February to 35 per cent today among those entitled to vote in the referendum. Those opposed to the treaty have increased from 24 per cent to 31 per cent. The number of undecided voters remains almost unchanged, at 34 per cent.

With seven weeks remaining until the expected polling date, incoming taoiseach Brian Cowen, the government and the broader Yes campaign face a difficult struggle to regain the initiative.”

– Sunday Business Post

This is a huge boost to the NO campaigners who are working tirelessly to educate the public about the significance of the treaty. Almost all of their campaigns are operating on a tiny budget with unpaid volunteers going around the country giving talks, running websites, handing out free information, making videos and doing whatever it takes to get the message out.

Compare this to the Yes campaign and the difference is startling, millions are being spent on advertising, bringing over EU leaders, funding RTE to promote the treaty and using the National Forum on Europe to promote the Yes side. Their campaign is all about promoting the EU rather than providing any meaningful debate on the details. They are relying on spin, propaganda and outright lies to manipulate the public into voting yes, and we have reached a stage in this country were our public representatives no longer represent us. Our “representative’s” loyalties are now firmly with their masters in Brussels and their role is to hand over what control we have left.