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Jens-Peter Bonde has been elected to the European Parliament each time since the first direct elections in 1979. Bonde has achieved many victories, especially for transparency, health and the environment. He is the author of more than 55 books on European integration.

The Democracy Forum is a group of MEPs that delivered a Minority Report demanding that EU democracy and decision-making be brought closer to the citizens of Europe. Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, at the end of 16 months of negotiations over the Constitution, acknowledged Bonde’s demands by including the Minority Report with the constitution draft.

His latest book: “New name – same content”, outlines the origins and comparisons between the Treaty of Lisbon and the rejected EU Constitution. It’s a free and user-friendly downloadable book.

Some quotes form the book:

“They have managed to make the new text as difficult and inaccessible as humanly possible. The amendments can only be read by a few initiated specialists who are generally in favour. Unfortunately, a conscious effort has been made to minimise public interest and avoid referendums.”

“Accordingly, the new Union will have a legislative, executive and judicial authority, just as in a national constitution. But there is no clear distinction between legislative, executive and judicial power in the Lisbon EU Treaty.

Montesquieu’s classical concept of the separation of governmental powers in a

democracy has been abandoned.”

“Common penal code. As something new, the Union will also get the opportunity to punish its citizens for breaches of its law. Specifically, there is now is an explicit basis for adopting a common penal code and the opportunity to lay down sentences for breaches of all laws.”

“ Chirac would not discuss the Constitution with people who had a different opinion. Instead, he booked time on French TV to explain himself without any opponents, and invited 80 young people to ask questions, so that he could sparkle with pre-prepared positive statements on the Constitution people were going to vote on. The young people did not stick to their role. They sat there with the text of the Constitution and little yellow stickers, and asked about its contents. In response to a question about health, Chirac replied that there was nothing about that in the Constitution.”

“The Lisbon treaty – even the most recent version – gives the Commission monstrous new opportunities to legislate through its own decrees”