User: Ireland MUST vote ‘No’

Ireland is the only country in the European Union to be allowed a vote on the new treaty/constitution.

To the voters of Ireland: Regardless of whether you are in favour of the treaty or not, you have an obligation to vote ‘NO’ to protest at the anti-democratic behaviour of the EU leaders.

489 million EU ‘citizens’ have been denied a vote on this issue. If you believe in democracy, you must vote against the treaty and force the EU to rethink their arrogant attitude to the people.

In 2005 France and Holland were allowed votes and rejected the previous version of the treaty. In order to stop them rejecting it again, the EU leaders have simply decided to deny them a vote at all! Are you really going to condone this abysmal behaviour by voting ‘yes’?

So please, Ireland, remember that you are voting on behalf of every other person denied a basic democratic right. Vote ‘No’ to the EU treaty/constitution.