Interesting interview with Red Ice Creations before the Irish referendum.
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“We [Red Ice Creations] hook up with Anthony and Dave from Wise Up Journal and We Are Change Ireland to discuss the EU Treaty/EU Constitution, their film “End of Nations – EU Takeover and the Lisbon Treaty”. We begin to talk about how the guys got involved in We Are Change and how Wide Up Journal was started, we move on to discuss the rhetoric of the EU treaty, some of the hidden horrors in “The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union”. We discuss the upcoming referendum in Ireland and discuss the different scenarios depending on how the poll turns out. What will happen in the treaty is ratified thought EU and what will happen if it doesn’t get vote in. We discuss ways to combat the media spin & propaganda and how information can be spread and distributed about the upcoming EU treaty poll in Ireland. Join us for a very important and also empowering discussion with Anthony and Dave.”