Famagusta Gazette

Leading government party, left wing AKEL has decided to vote against the Lisbon Treaty a week before the debate at the House of Representatives Plenary which is expected to approve the treaty.

As Cyprus is set to ratify Lisbon treaty on July 3, the Movement of Ecologists-Environmentalists, which discussed the issue yesterday, has decided to abstain from the voting to show its disapproval for the discussions on the treaty taking place in the EU and Cyprus.

Parliamentary spokesman Nicos Katsourides said the decision was taken unanimously in the absence of the Secretary General of the party, Cypriot President Demetris Christofias.

“We vote against the Treaty because we believe that its content is not in the interest of the peoples of Europe and especially the workers,” he said.

Katsourides added that the decision was a result of a very serious study of the treaty’s content and provisions.

The Central Committee of the Movement of Ecologists-Environmentalists has decided by majority to authorise its General Secretary George Perdikis to express concerns and reservations as regards the content of the treaty of Lisbon and thus protest at procedures taking place in Cyprus and pan-European level.

In his statements Perdikis said that the ecologists are in favor of a strong, democratic Europe in the global economy and of efforts to save the planet from the environmental crisis, the cost of living and food.