Irish Independent
By Aine Kerr

TAOISEACH Bertie Ahern is one of a number of personalities who could earn a major new job in Europe, the President of the European Parliament said last night.

Hans-Gert Pottering, who met with Mr Ahern yesterday, insisted that the Lisbon Treaty must first be passed before debate could move to who will fill key new positions.

“The priority of the priorities is now to get the reform treaty ratified,” he said. “Europe is so rich to have several personalities who can do the job . . . Taoiseach Ahern with his experience can, like others, undertake responsibilities in the European Union.”

Confirming that the referendum will take place on June 12, Mr Ahern said any remaining details would be “wrapped up” in the coming days.

When asked about a possible job in Europe, Mr Ahern would only say: “Of course, there won’t be any jobs if we don’t get this passed.”

He said he would play an “active part” in ensuring the treaty is passed after he resigns on May 6.

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