Wise Up Journal
By Gabriel O’Hara

These two mainstream articles below highlight the fact that a false public perception is induced making them believe they know the cutting edge of technology when in fact we are kept in the dark with old technology presented as new. Even basic research is presented as new when in fact the technology has been in use for decades. The first article is from 2010 and the second more informative article was published in 2002 by one of the UK’s largest newspapers.

Press Association / Yahoo News

“The claim was made by scientists unravelling the secrets of spider silk, which is stronger and less brittle than steel.

“They believe in future it may be possible to copy spider ingenuity to create new classes of materials that are both incredibly flexible and strong out of cheap, ordinary elements.

“Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, US, studied the fundamental properties of spider silk using computer models to simulate its structure.”

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are no dummies. They are a private re-search university that works with the United States Defense department. It gets multiple grants from the United States federal government and has one the largest endowment and annual research expenditures among universities in the world.

Milk is an ordinary item that can be produced on mass. The article below is from years earlier.

By Roger Highfield

‘Spider-goats’ start work on wonder web

“A HERD of goats containing spider genes is about to be milked for the ingredients of spider silk to mass-produce one of nature’s most sought-after materials.

“Webster and Peter, genetically altered goats unveiled today by the Canadian company Nexia, are the founders of a GM herd whose offspring will produce spider silk protein in their milk that can be collected, purified and spun into the fibres. Females will begin mass-producing spider milk in the second quarter of this year for a variety of military and industrial uses.

“Dragline silk, which comprises the radiating spokes of a spider web, is stronger than the synthetic fibre Kevlar, stretches better than nylon and, weight for weight, is five times stronger than steel.

“spider yarn has been spun by the US Army and the company Nexia Biotechnologies of Montreal,”

Put your shock of spider-goats on hold for a moment to realise this technology is old-hat. They certainly do spin a good yarn when trying to make us believe old technology will be developed some day in the future. When we are told this or that technology is a new discovery and “it is believed one day in the future it may be possible to make it” we believe it because experts in that field said so. This 2002 public announcement was old technology at the time it was revealed too, the same as the 2010 so called discovery. There is a branch of the law called National Security which allows scientific knowledge by military to be kept classified away from the public. The military use billions and billions of the public’s money to do this. Some of these technologies, when obsolete, can be chosen by the publicly unelected higher ups in the military and revealed to us and used in public mission like the triangular F-117 stealth bomber in the late 1980s. Before that on classified test flights and classified missions around the world who knows what the public thought, that spotted triangular crafts in the sky, including other military pilots not in the know.


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