Wise Up Journal
by Greg O’Brien

We have come to accept that the people we elect have privileges that the ordinary citizens don’t enjoy. Privileges in the EU are set to be further enshrined in the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution, to further alienate the accountability of the elite and the Federal State proposed by this treaty. We have also been programmed and conditioned to accept that the law only applies to the “common people”, as we’ve seen in case after case involving corruption at the highest level, while the ordinary people are jailed for not paying a television license or various types of fines.

As part of the text of the treaty are the immunities that make the members of EU even less accountable than they already are, while your rights will be under constant attack from the Charter of Fundamental Rights. First we look at the Federal State:

Protocol on the Privileges and Immunities of the European Union


Article 1

The premises and buildings of the Union shall be inviolable. They shall be exempt from search, requisition, confiscation or expropriation. The property and assets of the Union shall not be the subject of any administrative or legal measure of constraint without the authorization of the Court of Justice.

Article 2

The archives of the Union shall be inviolable.

This is contrary to all we’ve been told by the politicians about the openness and accountability of the EU, and makes any judicial enquiry almost impossible, further eroding the lack of oversight that’s already inherent in this corrupt structure. There will be no body accountable to the people and overseeing the integrity of the EU, as we’ve seen in the tribunals in this country which have exposed the corruption and held the individuals to account while acting independently. They have cost a lot of money and the judiciary have made a fortune, but we have trawled through their findings and politicians have resigned over their conclusions. Next we look at the members:

Article 8

Members of the European Parliament shall not be subject to any form of inquiry, detention or legal proceedings in respect of opinions expressed or votes cast by them in the performance of their duties.

Article 9

During the sessions of the European Parliament, its Members shall enjoy:

(a) in the territory of their own State, the immunities accorded to members of their parliament;

(b) in the territory of any other Member State, immunity from any measure of detention and from legal proceedings.

Immunity shall likewise apply to Members while they are travelling to and from the place of meeting of the European Parliament.

Immunity cannot be claimed when a Member is found in the act of committing an offence and shall not prevent the European Parliament from exercising its right to waive the immunity of one of its Members.

That’s right, we can no longer question the votes cast by our elected representatives even if they vote contrary to the wishes of the people or the national interest. We have already seen how De Rossa and members of Fine Gael have voted contrary to the people but we will not be able to hold them to account under the treaty.

As for criminal offences, they have to be caught in the act of committing a crime, unlike everyone else who has to comply with the full rigors of the law and is subject to interrogation and investigation. As for the Parliament waiving immunity, that’s absolute nonsense, as we’ve seen with any State body investigating itself or one of its members. Corruption will be given a free reign in this atmosphere and not only does this apply to MEPs, but goes further by allowing the un-elected to enjoy immunity as well:

Article 10

Representatives of Member States taking part in the work of the institutions of the Union, their advisers and technical experts shall, in the performance of their duties and during their travel to and from the place of meeting, enjoy the customary privileges, immunities and facilities.

This Article shall also apply to members of the advisory bodies of the Union.

Article 17

Privileges, immunities and facilities shall be accorded to officials and other servants of the Union solely in the interests of the Union.

Each institution of the Union shall be required to waive the immunity accorded to an official or other servant wherever that institution considers that the waiver of such immunity is not contrary to the interests of the Union.

Next we look at the judiciary, which will be responsible for your fundamental rights under which you will no longer have the protection of the Constitution of Ireland to defend you against. Again they have levels of immunity unheard of in this country:

Protocol on the Statute of the Court of Justice of the European Union


Article 2

Before taking up his duties each Judge shall, before the Court of Justice sitting in open court, take an oath to perform his duties impartially and conscientiously and to preserve the secrecy of the deliberations of the Court.

Article 3

The Judges shall be immune from legal proceedings. After they have ceased to hold office, they shall continue to enjoy immunity in respect of acts performed by them in their official capacity, including words spoken or written.

The Court of Justice, sitting as a full Court, may waive the immunity. If the decision concerns a member of the General Court or of a specialised court, the Court shall decide after consulting the court concerned.

Where immunity has been waived and criminal proceedings are instituted against a Judge, he shall be tried, in any of the Member States, only by the court competent to judge the members of the highest national judiciary.

Article 6

A Judge may be deprived of his office or of his right to a pension or other benefits in its stead only if, in the unanimous opinion of the Judges and Advocates-General of the Court of Justice, he no longer fulfils the requisite conditions or meets the obligations arising from his office. The Judge concerned shall not take part in any such deliberations. If the person concerned is a member of the General Court or of a specialised court, the Court shall decide after consulting the court concerned.

The Registrar of the Court shall communicate the decision of the Court to the President of the European Parliament and to the President of the Commission and shall notify it to the President of the Council.

The judges will be immune from prosecution unless other judges decide that they will lose their immunity, again a body deciding the rights of its members, with no oversight or accountability.

The judiciary will be responsible for accounting for themselves and if they don’t comply with the objectives of the Union (Federal State), they are liable to lose their pension. So what are the objectives of the Union how will they be defined in years to come? These are vague statements which we can only assume will be to the common good and the objectives of a fair society, which is a false sense of security.

We are entering into a totalitarian dictatorship, whether we pass this treaty or not. A No vote will give us time to wake more people up to what’s going on and give us the opportunity to change the course of history, but democracy can only be defended by vigilance, which means an end to mindless distractions. It will require a more critical and responsible population, educated in their Constitutional Rights and willing to defend them at every opportunity. Nothing can be taken for granted in the future and those that are handing us over to this dictatorship must be exposed and held to account, which our Constitution states the people are fully entitled to do.