By Michael Kahn

Obesity contributes to global warming: study

Obese and overweight people require more fuel to transport them and the food they eat, and the problem will worsen as the population literally swells in size, a team at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine says.

This adds to food shortages and higher energy prices, the school’s researchers Phil Edwards and Ian Roberts wrote in the journal Lancet on Friday.

“We are all becoming heavier and it is a global responsibility,” Edwards said in a telephone interview. “Obesity is a key part of the big picture.”

At least 400 million adults worldwide are obese. The World Health Organization (WHO) projects by 2015, 2.3 billion adults will be overweight and more than 700 million will be obese.

In their model, the researchers pegged 40 percent of the global population as obese with a body mass index of near 30. Many nations are fast approaching or have surpassed this level, Edwards said.

BMI is a calculation of height to weight, and the normal range is usually considered to be 18 to 25, with more than 25 considered overweight and above 30 obese.

The researchers found that obese people require 1,680 daily calories to sustain normal energy and another 1,280 calories to maintain daily activities, 18 percent more than someone with a stable BMI.

Because thinner people eat less and are more likely to walk than rely on cars, a slimmer population would lower demand for fuel for transportation and for agriculture, Edwards said.

This is also important because 20 percent of greenhouse gas emissions stem from agriculture, he added.

The next step is quantifying how much a heavier population is contributing to climate change, higher fuel prices and food shortages, he added.

“Promotion of a normal distribution of BMI would reduce the global demand for, and thus the price of, food,” Edwards and Roberts wrote.

Editors Note:

This article highlights the serious attempt of misinformation and manipulation by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine researchers, Phil Edwards and Ian Roberts. They do not seem content enough blaming the man made global warming hoax on every person born as the Government does. Rather they have singled their attention to people who may be overweight/obese in their eyes.

For they have failed to realise that climate change is a natural occurring phenomena which has been proven to be an elitist plan to manipulate the world’s population. Primarily to introduce a global carbon tax, essentially taxing people for the air we breathe. Here is a scientific fact, humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide / CO2.

Not once in their report/letter to the Lancet journal did they give real facts, the incoming food crises is manly because of the dramatic increase in commodity prices and the falling dollar/inflation, not to mention using food crops, not to feed the World, but to produce biofuel. They have also attempted to link the high increase in the cost of energy to the fact that someone who is overweight/obese is more likely to use transportation than to walk or use a bicycle. Anyone with common sense knows that those who are in control of the oil cartel industry are the ones purposely increasing the price of oil by claiming they are running out of it (artificial scarcity). This is evident by the fact that in recent months big oil companies such as Dutch Royal Shell and BP have made record profits, sky-rocketing the cost of living which in turn increases the burden on people who depend on oil. From the ordinary person on the street, to the small – medium sized businesses who are feeling the pressure of the increased cost of doing business.

Most worrying is that Phil Edwards and Ian Roberts are engaging in straight out bigoted behaviour by trying to label people who are not their ideal weight and size as a serious threat to the World. By labeling overweight/obese people as contributors to global warming, people who believe in the Global Warming/Climate Change hoax and believe this report could naturally develop hostility towards people who are seen to contribute the most to Global Warming.