Knowledge Driven Revolution
Brent Jessop

The scientific conviction that genetics can be used to explain the behaviour, future health problems and pretty much everything about every human being has gradually started to dominate medicine and media. This scientific rehash of the helpless ideologies of the “predetermined destiny” type is a perfect match of behavioural psychology and their elitist pushers. This ideology is eagerly promoted in the media.

The headline “Genetic link found for obesity” pretty much says it all. This is one more pathetic excuse for the gluttonous bulk of the population to keep feeding their super-sized self-hating habits.

“Our findings suggest a possible answer to someone who might ask, ‘I eat the same and do as much exercise as my friend next door, so why am I fatter?’ said Prof. Andrew Hattersley from the Peninsula Medical School in Exeter, England.”

Skipping over the fact that these “findings” are based on the flawed body mass index which classifies anyone with some muscle mass as over weight or obese, eventually the article mentions that the actual causes of obesity are things like the lack of physical activity and poor diet. But, as is typically done, it is filled with the language of behavioural psychologists. The causes of obesity are not the poor choices made under the free will of the individual but are responses to the “role of environment” (stimuli).

” ‘We seem to be living in an environment that fosters excess weight,’ Berrall told CBC Newsworld on Thursday.

Factors include:
Lack of opportunities for physical activity in school or in daily life.
Ease of transportation.
• Perceptions of unsafe environments and neighbourhood designs that deter walking.
Easy and frequent access to high-calorie foods.” [emphasis mine]

You are nothing but a response to your environment. No free will. But, the solution is not the dreaded personal responsibility for your own poor choices but communitarianism (pronounced communism).

“All levels of society and governments have a role to play, such as offering nutrition labelling, school nutrition and physical activity programs, and healthy role models from parents”

Not only is genetics used as a convenient and eagerly absorbed excuse for self destructive personal habits, it can also be used to push drugs onto children. A gene has now been found that causes children to be “fidgety”. That’s right, a gene “mutation” has been linked to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The mutant gene is not actually linked to ADHD as the article would have you believe. It is linked to a supposedly abnormal level of dopamine which – based on flawed big pharma sponsored science – is the cause of ADHD. What a great justification to give more children Ritalin to cope with a non-existent and now genetically linked disease. But ignore the fact that “even healthy children can have such variations”.

Genetics can also be used to justify many other horrible elitist habits as well. The French presidential candidate and neo-con, Nicolas Sarkozy, was quoted as saying he was “inclined to think that people are born pedophiles, and that it is also a problem that we do not know how to manage”. And as Wayne Madison reports:

“In one sentence, Sarkozy has echoed the furtive beliefs of the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) and its neocon adherents in the Republican Party, fraternal secret societies, and the seamier side of the Judeo-Christian fundamentalist Right that pedophilia is somehow genetic and, therefore, more common than thought and acceptable. Sarkozy goes so far as to suggest that society does not know how to “manage” pedophiles — a signal that Sarkozy, who has demonized Muslims and African immigrants in France and has called for their “management” through registration and detention, puts them into a category lower than pedophiles.”

Free will, or individuality, is the antithesis of all forms of power, no matter what they call themselves. The current trend toward communitarianism is really an attack on the individual. Genetics and behaviourist psychology play an important role in justifying those who seek to control others.