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The following articles have being brought together to highlight a few aspects of the EU and the Lisbon Treaty, ranging from the unlawful interference by the European Commission in this Referendum, to Tony Blair most likely being fast tracked to become the EU’s first un-elected President. They also cover the legal guarantees and Non-Irish Citizens being sent voting cards, which is unlawful as only Irish Citizens are allowed to vote in Irish Referendums. When you take all this into account and read the letter Anthony Coughlan sent to Frank Clarke and the Referendum Commission you will see a different picture of the true nature of the EU and the Irish authorities compared to the image the mainstream media constantly portrays these people and institutions to be.


By Bruno Waterfield

EU intervention in Irish referendum ‘unlawful’

The European Commission has been accused of “unlawful” interference in Ireland’s referendum after paying for a 16-page guide to the Lisbon Treaty to be inserted into national newspapers.

Campaigners for a “No” vote have threatened a legal challenge after 1.1 million copies of the European Union booklet were distributed, at a cost to the taxpayer of £139,000.

The guide gives a summary of European Union’s achievements before outlining how the Lisbon Treaty would help improve life in Ireland further.

It reads: “Today, members of the EU enjoy a wealth of benefits: a free market with a currency that makes trade easier and more efficient, the creation of millions of jobs, improved workers’ rights, free movement of people and a cleaner environment.

“These are major goals. The Lisbon Treaty is designed to give the EU the tools to achieve them.”

The European Commission has defended its actions by claiming the pamphlet is designed to simply inform voters.

“The commission has a duty to inform people about the treaties. The guide does not advocate a Yes or a No. It is information not campaigning,” said a spokesman.

But The Daily Telegraph has learnt that the legal services of both the commission and the Council of the EU, which represents governments, expressed reservations the publication of the “citizens summary” of the Lisbon Treaty.

An EU official said: “The lawyers asked if it was right for the commission to produce a summary of Lisbon, before it was ratified and when there was not one for the Constitution.

“The reluctance of some countries, particularly France and Netherlands where the Constitution was rejected, needed to be overcome too because of the similarities between the two texts.”

Patricia McKenna, a former Green MEP and a leader of the People’s Movement, which is opposed to the Lisbon Treaty, has attacked the latest Brussels intervention in Friday’s referendum.

“The EU Commission, with the massive funds and resources available to it, courtesy of the taxpayer, can just throw money at influencing Irish opinion prior to the vote. We have to campaign on a shoestring,” she said.

Mrs McKenna won a landmark legal challenge to the Irish Supreme Court 14 years ago, to prevent the “unconstitutional use of taxpayers’ money for propaganda purposes in referendum campaigns”.

“This is an unlawful use of European taxpayers’ money, since the European Commission has no competence whatever in the ratification of treaties. It is gross interference,” she said.

“I am taking legal advice. We will take out an injunction if they attempt to put the booklet elsewhere.”

Irish voters go to the polls this Friday for a second referendum after Ireland rejected the Lisbon Treaty, the successor to the EU Constitution, for a first time in June last year.

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Thousands of non-Irish residents sent polling cards

Thousands of non-Irish nationals in Co. Kildare who are not entitled to vote in the Lisbon referendum have inadvertently received polling cards to do so.

It is understood the county’s local election data base was used for the distribution of polling cards which resulted in the blunder.

The error could cause mayhem at polling stations on Friday unless steps are taken to undo the damage.

The matter was brought to the attention of Labour TD for North Kildare Emmet Stagg by a local constituent.


Irish Independent
By Dearbhail McDonald

Top lawyer’s report queries guarantees given on treaty

THE Lisbon legal guarantees are a clever EU strategy that “give the appearance” of respecting Irish sovereignty, according to legal advice obtained by a group of lawyers who oppose the treaty.

In a 106-page opinion on the legal status of the Lisbon guarantees, senior counsel and TCD law lecturer Diarmuid Phelan has queried the guarantees secured by the Irish Government.

But the lawyer, who was commissioned by the Independence and Democracy Group to analyse the guarantees, said that it was “highly improbable” the Government would be forced to introduce conscription or abortion if the treaty was ratified.

Yesterday an alliance of lawyers advocating a ‘No’ vote circulated the opinion and called on the Government to make public legal advice from the Attorney General Paul Gallagher on the rationale for holding the Lisbon referendum.

In his opinion, Mr Phelan highlighted a number of areas of concern, including the “veiled threat to Ireland” if the treaty was not ratified. “The campaign is set up, not as a choice between deeper integration and the status quo, which in law it is, but as a choice between in or out of Europe,” said Mr Phelan.

“Fundamentally, the State is refusing to be bound by the constitutional result, and the EU is refusing to be bound by the State’s right not to ratify.

“On this basis, in any ordinary legal environment, one must advise against, or at the very least caution, in changing one’s position on the basis of the proffered guarantees.”


Daily Mail
By Daily Mail Reporter

Blair to be named EU President ‘within weeks’ if Irish ratify Lisbon Treaty

Tony Blair is set to become EU President within weeks if Ireland votes ‘Yes’ in its referendum on the Lisbon Treaty tomorrow.

The former prime minister’s candidacy for the new post will be rushed through as quickly as possible, according to government sources.

Mr Blair is among the favourites to become the first President of the European Union, a role that is chosen by the EU’s 27 leaders and not by voters.

Such an appointment would restore him to the world stage as well as boost his longterm income.

Mr Blair has refused to rule himself in or out of the running, but did say that ‘it is good to have fans’ for a possible candidacy.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has given his full support to a Blair bid. When French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner was asked yesterday if Mr Blair was the only real candidate, he said: ‘For the moment, indeed.’

The post of President cannot exist until the Lisbon Treaty is formally ratified by all member states and officials across Europe would scramble to move forward this weekend if Ireland votes ‘Yes’ on Friday.

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