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20 former world leaders discuss looming water crisis

Twenty former heads of state, including former US president Bill Clinton, warned Tuesday of an impending “water crisis” and agreed to establish a panel that will tackle a worldwide leadership gap on the issue.

The retired leaders, among them ex-Mexican president Vicente Fox and former Japanese prime minister Yasuo Fukuda, said the panel would work to raise the issue’s political prominence in order to avert looming problems with worldwide water supply.

Members of the InterAction Council attending this year’s three-day annual meeting in Quebec City also included former Mexican leader Ernesto Zedillo and and Gro Brundtland of Norway.

The group urged a new international water ethic and offered 21 recommendations for world water management.

At the top of the list: “placing water at the forefront of the global political agenda.”

Others items included linking climate change research and water problems, creating a legal right to water, and raising the price of water to reflect its economic value.

In areas where water is rationed, the priority should be for food crops and not bio-fuels, said the group, whose co-chairs were former Canadian prime minister Jean Chretien and one-time Austrian chancellor Franz Vranitzky.

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Irish Independent

By Will Hanafin

ENVIRONMENT Minister Phil Hogan has been making himself as clear as a Giovanni Trapattoni press conference all week.

Phil spread maximum confusion with his garbled pronouncements about service charges, water meters and gender quotas.

He’s like a one-man nits outbreak, such is the amount of head scratching that he has provoked. But two things are clear, I think! We’re all going to have to install water meters and there’s going to be a 30 per cent gender quota in politics.

The only watertight way to get ahead in politics from now on is to set up a woman-only political party opposed to water meters.

Watch out for the Women against Water Meters Party! Or maybe even Mammies Against Metering? (MAM)

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Chatham House

The New Politics of Water, Water security and economic growth in emerging economies


Do major emerging economies have enough water to support their economic growth?

Water is a critical global issue and demand will rapidly outstrip supply, especially in fast-growing emerging economies. Water extraction, storage, and use can cause radical change to ecosystems, with wide-ranging impacts.

Recognition has grown among governments, business, international organizations and civil society of the scale and complexity of the water challenge and the shared risks involved. Focusing on the major emerging economies, this conference will address key issues including:

The complexities of transboundary water agreements: are new foreign policy approaches required?

What national plans are for water management in emerging economies

What policy innovations can tackle water scarcity

What new partnerships and structures can unlock investment in water.

Keynote Speakers

James Leape
Director General,WWF International

Mike Muller
Member, National Planning Commission South Africa

Lars Thunell
Executive Vice President and CEO International Finance Corporation

Speaker Highlights

Giulio Boccaletti
Associate Principal McKinsey & Company

HE Watt Botkosal
Deputy Secretary General Cambodia National Mekong Committee

Margaret Catley-Carlson
Patron Global Water Partnership

Anthony Cox
Head, Environment and Economy Integration Division OECD

Charles Emmerson
Senior Research Fellow Chatham House

Antony Froggatt
Senior Research Fellow Chatham House

Marcelo Salles Holanda de Freitas
Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise and Environment SABESP

David Grey
Visiting Professor Centre for the Environment, University of Oxford

Ania Grobicki
Executive Secretary Global Water Partnership

Bernice Lee OBE
Research Director, Energy, Environment and Resource Governance Programme, Chatham House

José Lopez
Executive Vice President of Operations, Nestlé

Jason Mitchell
Fund Manager, GLG Partners LP

Michael Norton MBE
Global Director, Urban Water, Halcrow Group and Vice Chair, Water Expert Panel, Institution of Civil Engineers

Amir Peleg
Founder and CEO TaKaDu

Usha Rao-Monari
Global Head of Water, Infrastructure and Natural Resources Department, International Finance Corporation

Ambassador Mithat Rende
Director General, Multilateral Economic Affairs, Energy and Environment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey

Neil Reynolds
Vice President and International Operations Director, Water Business Group CH2M Hill

Mihir Shah
Member,National Planning Commission, India

Dr. Vadim Sokolov
Deputy Director of Scientific-Information Center
Interstate Commission for Water Coordination, Central Asia

Martin Stuchtey
Director, Sustainability and Resource Productivity McKinsey & Company

HE Alemayehu Tegenu
Minister for Water and Energy,Ethiopia

Basem Ali Abdulla Telfah
Director, Performance Management Unit, Al-Meyyah Project, Ministry of Water & Irrigation, Jordan

Marco Antonio Velázquez Holguín
Deputy Director General for Planning, National Water Commission, Mexico

Dominic Waughray
Senior Director, Head of Environmental Initiatives, World Economic Forum

Professor Dr Patricia Wouters
Director – Dundee UNESCO Centre, University of Dundee

Yong Zhong
Deputy Director, Department of International Cooperation, Science and Technology Ministry of Water Resources, China


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