Steve Watson

Paul Burrell, the former butler of Princess Diana, has been captured on a secret camera admitting that he knowingly lied to the inquest and that he “did a deal” with the Queen to keep quiet the real facts behind Diana’s death.

The video, obtained by the Sun newspaper shows Burrell spilling his guts about not telling the whole truth and throwing in “red herrings” to mislead the coroner, a crime punishable by up to ten years imprisonment.

“When you swear an oath, you have to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I told the truth as far as I could — but I didn’t tell the whole truth. Perjury is not a nice thing to have to contemplate. I was very naughty and I made a couple of red herrings, and I couldn’t help doing it. I know you shouldn’t play with justice and I know it’s illegal and I realize how serious it is.” Burrell is caught admitting.

Watch the Burrell video here

The crux of the Butler’s confession lies in his failure to fully disclose details of a three hour meeting he engaged in with the Queen in 2002.

Burrell was cleared at the Old Bailey of stealing from Princess Diana, Prince Charles and their sons William and Harry after a last-minute intervention from the Queen. After the case, he famously declared: “She came through for me, the lady came through for me.”

At the time Burrell told the media that the Queen had warned him “There are powers at work in this country which we have no knowledge about.”

In the new video the former butler reveals that he “did a deal” with the Queen to hold back the real facts of Diana’s death. “Well, it’s the Queen” Burrell says.

“I sacrificed my own integrity for the bigger picture. No I didn’t tell the whole truth. But he put me in the most unenviable position, that coroner. Because he said I had to report the conversation I had with the Queen.”

After Mohamed Al Fayed, the father of Dodi Fayed, brought up the revelations today in court, Lord Justice Scott Baker, the coroner overseeing the inquest said : “This is something that’s certainly being investigated. I have called for the tape.”

Al Fayed urged the inquest “He’s been sitting here in the witness box talking about baloney things. It’s important to bring him back.”

Fayed told the inquest that he believed Burrell joined an active cover-up of Diana’s death when he was “freed by the Queen so he would keep quiet”.

He also suggested that Burrell had reneged on a promise he made to keep safe a box belonging to Diana in which she had said she kept threatening correspondence from Prince Philip and copies of letters detailing her fears of a plot against her life by the Royal family.

Reading from a statement, Fayed said: “My belief that my son and Princess Diana were murdered was confirmed when I learned that the two leading Commissioners, Lord Condon and Lord Stevens, did not show the coroner the note made by a leading lawyer, Lord Mishcon, detailing the Princess’s fears for her life.” He added: “I cannot believe that they sat upon such an important note and did not pass it on to the (examining French magistrate) Judge Stephan in Paris and (the then coroner) Michael Burgess”.

Fayed also said that he believed the cover up of Diana’s murder had quickly become a vast operation involving many leading establishment figures including Prince Philip, Prince Charles, former Prime minister Tony Blair, senior politicians, police chiefs, as well as members of the British, French and US secret services.

Fayed said he believed the crash was engineered by an MI6 agent posing as a photographer who deliberately struck the Mercedes in a white Fiat Uno. The man, James Andanson, was later found dead in his burnt out car with a bullet hole in his head.

Fayed launched a blistering attack on Prince Philip, calling him a racist and a Nazi:

“He is a person who grew up with the Nazis, brought up by his auntie who married Hitler’s general. This is the man who is in charge (of the country), who can do anything, who manipulates. They are still living in the 18th and 19th century.” Fayed said.

It is well documented that Prince Philip’s sister, Sophia, was married to Christopher of Hesse-Cassel, an SS colonel who named his eldest son Karl Adolf in Hitler’s honour. Indeed, all four of Philip’s sisters married high-ranking Nazis. The prospect of the former Nazis and Nazi sympathisers attending his 1947 wedding to the future Queen of England meant he was allowed to invite only two guests.

Two years ago, more revelations of Philip’s Nazi links emerged in a book that featured never before published photographs of Philip aged 16 at the 1937 funeral of his elder sister Cecile, flanked by relatives in SS and Brownshirt uniforms.

Another picture shows his youngest sister, Sophia, sitting opposite Hitler at the wedding of Hermann and Emmy Goering. Philip was forced to concede that his family found Hitler’s attempts to restore Germany’s power and prestige ‘attractive’ and admitted they had ‘inhibitions about the Jews’.

Philip, a notorius racist and bigot, was also trained in the Hilter Youth. His belief in Nazi ideology is clear when one looks at what he has said on the subject of overpopulation.

Philip also helped start the World Wildlife Fund with former Nazi SS Officer Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who is closely affiliated with the founders of the Bilderberg international power group. In the past, Philip has also attended the ultra secretive ritualistic meeting of elites at Bohemian Grove.

After revealing that Diana had personally told him she was pregnant and that she was going to marry Dodi, Mohammed Al Fayed today also stated that Prince Philip could not accept that “my son as a person who is different religion, naturally tanned, curly hair” could be the stepfather of Prince William, a future king.

He called the royals the “Dracula family”, said Prince Philip’ s real name sounds like “Frankenstein”, and described the Duchess of Cornwall as Prince Charles’s “crocodile wife”.

He described Diana’s death as a “slaughter”.

“And this is what happened. They cleared the decks, they finished her, they murdered her and now he is happy. “He married his crocodile wife and he is happy with that. Those are the two main people, Prince Philip and Prince Charles” Fayed said.