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By Nigel Bunyan

Primary school children taught to look out for terror suspects

Primary school children are being given advice by police on how to spot potential terrorists.

Police officers are using half-day workshops including animated talking animals to encourage pupils to be on the look out for signs of extremism  Photo: PA

Officers are using half-day workshops including animated talking animals to encourage pupils to be on the look out for signs of extremism.

Over the next three weeks hundreds of Lancashire children will attend interactive presentations in Blackburn.

During the Streetwise event an animated lion asks Year 6 pupils what they think a terrorist looks like.

Once the youngsters have given their response, the lion shows them a picture of a crowd and makes the point: “A terrorist can look like anybody.”

The reference to terrorism has been approved by the force’s Preventing Violent Extremism unit.

A spokesman for the Lancashire Constabulary emphasised that the initiative did not focus on any particular type of terrorism.

It was intended simply to help children be aware of the potential dangers they faced in life.

“Terrorism is something we need to be aware of across the country,” said the spokesman.

The police spokesman said: “This year children attending the event will be offered an interactive presentation, delivered by police officers who are based in schools.

“Officers also introduce issues surrounding terrorism at a very basic level, which forms part of the wider presentation, encouraging children to report any concerns around safety to their parents, teachers or the local police.

“[…] Streetwise is a great way to impact on their behaviour and actions”

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