Sovereign Independent
By Christian Massey

Following continued protests in Greece, where last week protesters chanted “We are not Irish, we do not sacrifice ourselves for the rich,” as they marched on the Athens parliament buildings, the Irish finally seem to have had enough and last night took to the streets.

Though the numbers were small, probably just over 500 it seems this is just the start of things to come. The march organized by the People Before Profit Group to express anger at the government bailout of banks and developers started at Parnell Square at 8pm and marched towards the Dail (Irish Parliament).

Tens of billions’ worth of dud property loans are being transferred from five Irish banks to a new government-run “bad bank.” The government also has bought multi-billion stakes in Allied Irish Banks and Bank of Ireland.

When reaching the Dail at approximately 9pm around 100 protesters broke away from the main group and tried to storm the building. They managed to breach the gate at Kildare Street. A number of Gardaí drew their batons as they forced the group back. I witnessed at least 1 protester with blood streaming down his face.

Richard Boyd Barrett of People before Profit said “Irish people are furious that billions is being pumped into the banks while nothing is being done to help the ordinary workers”. Mr. Boyd added “The Government are bailing out the banks and the institutions and the elite that caused the crisis in the first place and they are asking the ordinary people, senior citizens and young people to pay the price with brutal cutbacks. The people just won’t take anymore of this”

As top trends forecaster Gerald Celente correctly predicted the unrest in Greece would spread to other EU countries and then around the Globe, it looks like he is again on the money and there is a lot more of this to come.


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