Daily Mail
By James Slack

Personal data gathered for the controversial ID cards scheme will be made available to the taxman.

HM Revenue and Customs officials will be able to trawl through a person’s financial transactions for hints of any undeclared earnings or bank accounts.

The revelation last night renewed fury about the £5.5billion ID cards project.

The powers that give ‘Commissioners for Revenue and Customs’ access to the ID cards audit log were buried away in orders laid before Parliament earlier this week – at the same time as the full extent of the expenses scandal was emerging.

The log records each time a card has been used

it could signal to the taxman a person earns more money than they declared. Undeclared second homes could also lead to higher tax payments.

The audit trail will also include checks made by employers […] This could also make the taxman aware of any undeclared second occupations.

It comes after Jacqui Smith’s announcement earlier this month that members of the public will be expected to have their fingerprints taken at the Post Office or in high street shops and pharmacies when they sign up for a card or passport.

At present, the right to take fingerprints is largely restricted to the police.

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