Wise Up Journal
by Gabriel O’Hara

On Monday the 15th of September Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen said the Irish rejection of the repackaged EU constitution, the Lisbon Treaty, is obviously linked to the global economic downturn. The world economies started to slide in 2006-2007 due to ridiculous financial practices continued from the year 2000 and earlier in the U.S, EU and other regions.

The Irish Independent reported that Mr Cowen said, “It is increasingly obvious to me that our economic difficulties and the political dilemma posed by the Lisbon Treaty are linked.” Would you judge the mentioned newspaper that published the story, titled “Cowen links ‘No’ vote to economy,” as irresponsible for not rebuffing the ridiculous claims in the same article? I doubt the government’s next campaign on a possible second  EU disrespectful referendum will say, “Bring Back Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc From Bankruptcy, Vote Yes,” but then again they have displayed their low esteem for the public’s intelligence by making statements such as Mr Cowen has.

Brian Cowen who served as Minister for Finance from 2004–2008 knows the Irish stock market crashed in 2007 well before the Irish referendum of June 2008. The Irish stock market went from a high of 10,364 to a low of 6,281 from May 22 to Nov 22, losing billions. Former Finance Minister knows in 2007 Irish banks lost almost half of their share values. Brian Cowen knows in 2007 the massive Irish housing bubble started it’s crash. When Ireland joined the Euro, the European Central Bank’s turned Ireland’s high interest rate (in place to slow house loans and stop a massive bubble forming) into an extremely low EU lending rate. Low rates and reckless Irish banking such as “no money down” 100% mortgages to people who can’t afford to buy houses (policies copied from U.S mortgage giants who are now bankrupt) caused one of the biggest housing bubbles in the world. The credit crunch hit in 2007 and since September 2007 billions of government emergencies funds have been injected in to the global markets to temporarily slow down a rapid collapse of the financial industry. The central bank of all central banks, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) submitted it’s 77th Annual Report (April 1, 2006 – March 31, 2007) which talked of a coming global depression reported by the Telegraph. Recessions and especially depressions equal bargain wholesales for the 1% extravagantly wealthy families (families worth trillions, not Bill Gates), bankrupts the competition, and causes further financial centralisation (greater centralised control) to institutions such as partly private owned central banks.

For Irish Prime Minister, Brian Cowen, to say the rejection of the Lisbon Treaty is linked to the global economic meltdown is disgusting and an insult to any thinking individual. If however you feel Brian Cowen, former Minister for Finance, is some how incompetent then you might just be incompetent at judging humans with psychological defects. Brian Cowen exhibits behavour of a manipulator who can blatantly lie, this time to the people of Ireland and the world. These are psychopathic traits. Psychopathic does not mean serial killer like in the movies, simply put it is a psychological defect were an individual does not feel respect or empathy for other human beings. This allows them to manipulate and lie straight to people’s faces without feeling embarrassed or guilty. Psychologists estimate that 6% of people, just over 1 in 20, are psychopathic. Most likely you’ve meet a few at work or in past relationships, people who “stab you in the back” and manipulate your emotions to get what they want. Psychopaths also tend to have a huge ego and a hyperactivity that causes well educated psychopaths to strive at “climbing the ladder”. Hierarchy structures in corporations and power positions in politics attract such people, whom have what it takes to excel in “look out for #1, survival of the fittest” environments.

Before the October EU meeting to in all likelihood invent reasons why a second referendum in Ireland (none in other nations) should take place, these latest comments from Brian Cowen show his allegiance lay with his desire to pass what ever treaty the EU demands, even if he hasn’t read it as he proved before the referendum when admitting he had never read the Lisbon treaty. The public must demand the resignation of Cowen. It’s time people stop putting all their faith in psychopathic “experts”. A psychopath will sell you down the river for personal admiration, never mind well paying positions.

In a letter on the Irish Independent’s website Ray Corcoran write:

Well, it had to happen. The only surprise is that it took Fianna Fail and their IBEC friends three months to blame the majority who opposed the Lisbon Treaty, civil servants and those earning the minimum wage for the crash. Perhaps they were trying to pretend the recession wasn’t happening?

Anyway, it wasn’t ‘No’ voters and the low paid who:

  • Failed to broaden our tax-base to include fair taxation on huge windfall profits.
  • Fuelled the damaging property bubble by stupid, short-sighted tax breaks for speculators.
  • Failed to invest in broadband, education and retraining, thus leaving us in a weak position to recover from the downturn.
  • Privatised Telecom Eireann, resulting in one of the leading telecoms systems in Europe being reduced to one of the slowest and most expensive.
  • Handed over up to €13bn gas reserves to Shell with no royalties for the Irish people.
  • Handed over the building of a €25m bridge to a well-connected company, resulting in a cost of €1.2bn to motorists and taxpayers, not to mention hours and hours of delays on the M50.

No, Brian Cowen might find the causes of the recession much closer to home[…]

Should we not re-run the General Election, as voters were given false information and those who voted for the tax-cuts proposed by FF (and others) clearly ‘didn’t understand the consequences of their vote’?