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Produced in a very funny and entertaining way, it’s an easy to watch film. Although it’s main focus is Canada, nations around the world use the same system. It presents how nations allow private banks to create their money and put the public in debt to these banks instead of creating their money themselves without any debt. The producers had one-on-one interviews with Canadian Prime Ministers (including Paul Martin) and current government ministers, even the finance minister. It’s a fast paced film, that includes some animations, and never gets boring. Humorously you’ll see politicians lying and contradicting themselves or not having a clue how the money system works. Such an example being when the current finance minister said the Canadian Mint prints the money. When the producers rang the Canadian Mint they said they don’t, the producers told them to send a memo to the finance minister. Then Paul Martin (the former Prime Minister) explains what the producers already said; that the money gets printed by a German company (that also happened to support Zimbabwe’s dictator). You’ll find out that nation’s don’t have to be in debt at all. They can print their own money without any interest but instead the politician’s of past were so nice they let private banks create national money with an astronomical compound interest bill tacked on (good use of tax money?). And since then none of the parties that got into power ever wanted to change that situation in any country in the entire world.  If you are going to show a film on banking to members of the public who don’t know much about financial matters this must be the best documentary for that purpose as it keeps the attention span and you laughing.

Note: A critique of one of the solutions presented in this film can be read below.

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The solution that a country printing it’s own money without interest is true in that it would take a massive burden off the nation, the nation would not be in debt, taxes would be reduced, and not wasting money by needlessly giving it away to private banks. However, if nations did print their own money interest free I doubt conflict of interest corrupt politicians (that infect government and always have) would use that extra money for hospital beds. You’d still have the cons of tax money going out as subsidies to their buddies’ corporations and toll roads being sold off for peanuts to foreign companies etc. But this documentary is excellent for showing the audacity and contempt bankers and their law makers in government have with this system they setup in which the vast majority of humanity are struggling to make ends-meat in. As the film explains, the earth is in debt over $50 trillion and we don’t owe it to Pluto.

The following critique is maybe too harsh. “Oh Canada” explains how the government sold a toll highway with a construction and land value of $107 billion for just £3 billion to Spanish and Austrian companies (Cintra and Macquarie) and the government are not allowed to build a competing highway. The film called the politician (who was crucial for this deal to go through) dumb. It was far from dumb, it was a master stroke of corruption and conartistry, a marvellously profitable deal for the people involved (not for the conned victims obviously, the people of Canada). And they got away with it. The greatest heist movies should be about these countless white-collar deals not train robbers. Most of the public think government deals and agenda’s are dumb instead of a purposeful con with harmful intent, and that changes they way people react. The media are all too happy to push the dumb viewpoint as it gets all the media mogul’s buddies involved off publicly and legally. The reason this critique is probably too harsh is because “Oh Canada” does in fact expose the conartistry and networking between government and global business tycoons.