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The text below is from Nokia’s European site and it speaks for it’s self: credit cards, loyalty cards, and travel card details stored in your mobile phone allowing for “touch” purchases and file transfers. Convenient RFID tracking conveniently accessed by outside devices.

Radio Frequency Identification/Near Field Communication (NFC) Phones:


Just touch and go

Imagine your credit cards, loyalty cards, and travel card all in one place: inside your mobile phone. With near field communication (NFC) technology, your mobile phone is a multi-purpose smartcard, making shopping and traveling easy.

What you can do with NFC

  • Make fast, convenient, and secure purchases by touching your mobile phone to NFC credit card readers
  • NFC technology lets you use your mobile phone as a travel ticket – just touch and ride.
  • Visit your favorite websites, make phone calls […]
  • Share information and notes with your friends and colleagues just by touching your NFC mobile phones together

How it works

NFC has a short operating range of typically a few centimeters, and works in combination with radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and contactless smart card infrastructure.

Using NFC, your phone can read small amounts of data from RFID service shortcut tags, as well as communicate with other devices.

RFID tags can be stored in your purse or pocket, or can even be embedded inside posters. You can also create your own personalized service shortcuts by putting data onto an empty RFID tag using your NFC phone. NFC also enables you to share your personalized service shortcuts with other NFC enabled devices.

What’s more, you can make transactions just by touching your phone to a NFC credit card reader or ticket gate. Your payment information, such as credit cards, loyalty cards, or your travel ticket are securely stored in the integrated smart card chip inside your phone.


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