The International Forecaster
Bob Chapman

US Mortgage bailout at [over] half a trillion [700 billion], loss of confidence means end of credibility in the markets. Phony wars, phony values in real estate will cost all of you, financial companies bought out, power consolidated in financial markets, Gold on the rise, stock markets as volatile as a drunken sailor, why are the markets rallying after the big bailout?

Note how this was all set up. First, all the legislation was put into place. Then the system is brought into a crisis situation, which was easily accomplished through deregulation, in order to propel us into a situation where the Illuminists are allowed to consolidate their power with the full blessing of the dopey sheople. Note how Bear Stearns was assassinated just before the Fed opened up its Primary Dealer Credit Facility and its Term Securities Lending Facility, which could have saved BS. They arranged to have BS’s clients abandon them and withdrew BS liquidity and credit, and down they went, payback for not helping in the LTCM bailout and for not joining the Illuminist club. Then they string out all the other big commercial and investment banks, to see which ones would turn out to be the keepers, because the carnage was so bad and so widely spread that no one could tell which of the big commercial and investment banks might survive, if any. They needed time to figure out who the survivors would be. Hence, all the desperate bailouts dripping with moral hazard were made to keep them all afloat while they were attempting to make this determination. They decide to let Lehman fail because their condition is irredeemable and it looks like criminal charges may come up at some point due to shenanigans that management committed against their employee’s pension money, making them a hot potato. They pair up Bank of America with Merrill Lynch, and we see JP Morgan Chase and possibly Wachovia pairing up with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, respectively. Wachovia and Morgan Stanley are already in talks for a merger. AIG is being preserved to see if they can be fit into the consolidation scheme once all their problems have been sorted out.

To support the survivors, they then announce the Resolution Trust Company II bailout, kill all shorting of over 800 financial companies, and then spew out money and credit throughout the international banking system in amounts that are nothing short of spectacular. This is an outrageous, unbelievable, unprecedented consolidation of power, which flies in the face of free markets and paves the way for an ever-burgeoning corporatist, fascist police state. Hanky Panky wants to give the Fed sweeping regulatory power over this new group of behemoths who will control everything, while occasionally allowing crumbs to fall off their table for the little guys to gobble up. And there will be far fewer of the little guys to worry about after the carnage in the banking sector has finally ceased.

This is not a sure thing for them. The fraudsters remaining, even the big guys, could still fail, that is how bad this situation has become. [they] are quaking with terror that they have overdone things and that they could end up destroying the whole system irreparably. That is why we are having all these bailouts stuffed down our throats.

Gold and silver went on a moon shot this week, with gold setting a new all-time record for a one-day increase in value. That is what happens when you keep pressing on the lid of a pressure cooker, trying to keep boiling, molten precious metals from escaping. Aiding gold and silver was the unraveling of longs in the USDX futures market, who were forced to cover because they had pushed the dollar up as far as it could go. Suddenly, the 93,701 contracts of open interest on Tuesday were reduced to 52,872, being cut virtually in half. That means the dollar rally is over and the ever more desperate bailouts are going to undermine confidence in the dollar. Soon, all these trillions in bailouts may lead to a downgrade of our treasuries, as our debt load will soon reach unsustainable levels, no matter how much the PPT tries to manipulate the markets. The stupidest dolt should be able to figure out that much.

The stock markets are shooting up and down with unprecedented volatility, bobbing and weaving like a drunken sailor as the PPT tries to fight the gravity created by the financial black hole created by the collapse of the Bailout Death-Star and the total lack of confidence of market players who are finally starting to realize that CEO’s, Treasury Secretaries and Fed Chairmen are little more than pathological liars, and that the markets are rigged in ways that make China and Russia green with envy. Look at the condition of the Russian and Chinese stock markets, which are being vaporized, compared to ours, which has been placed in a state of suspended animation by the PPT anti-gravity machine. Hey Russia, and China, take some notes. We’ll show you what it means to be a died-in-the-wool Marxist/Communist state! And we lead by example, so pay attention. Remember, the trillionaires that run our command economy from behind the scenes are the ones who set you up and financed you. They are the true masters of Communism and Marxism! You guys are amateurs!!!

Do you really think the markets are rallying because everyone is impressed with the new string of bailouts? All the pros know where this is leading us, and they are de-leveraging. If you want to know why the markets are rallying, besides tens of billions of dollars being unleashed from the repo pool for insidious and in-your-face manipulations, check out the yen. At 9 am on the 16th, it was super yen, at 103.650 yen per dollar and 147.592 yen per euro. Now suddenly, despite the dollar crash, the yen has wimped out, and as of 2:25 pm on Friday, it stood at 107.065 against the dollar, and at 154.653 against the euro. Rally mystery solved. Let’s get ready to rumble!!!

Yes indeed, you have all become “comfortably numb.

We hope and pray that the dream is not yet gone, and that Americans get a fleeting glimpse of our former glory and greatness, and that they wake up and stop allowing these scum-bags to have their way with them.

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