Wise Up Journal
By Benjamin Smith-Kavanagh

Anyone who is aware certain laws Dermot Ahern has introduced since becoming Irish justice minister will not be surprised at this next target or how he tries to hide these constantly tyrannical acts behind the cloak of protecting victims of terrible crimes. Scratch the surface a little of his reasons given to justify each of these acts and you’ll find the true purpose and meaning behind them.

The latest crusade by Ahern is that in order to stop bank-raids/tiger-raids in Ireland we must become a cashless society. There is nothing new in this only last December there were articles about National Irish moving to cashless banking and talking about the need for Ireland to become a cashless society.

While way back in September 2003 the Irish Government held a Crime Prevention in Financial Institutions presentation in a joint committee sitting in which John Hickey, then general manager of retail banking at AIB outlined his banks desire for a cashless society under the guise of stopping bank raids.

Crime Prevention in Financial Institutions: Presentation

Mr. John Hickey:

“There is potential to improve. Bank raids will become less attractive or prevalent when the amounts of cash in circulation are dramatically reduced. This can be achieved through the rapid deployment of the national payment strategy, and we encourage all the agents of the State to work with the financial institutions in pursuit of this objective.  It needs to be expedited if we are to advance towards the ultimate goal of a cashless society.

“The existence of and the recent dramatic increases in stamp duty on plastic cards will retard the move towards cash reduction and migration to electronic payments. Ireland is the only country in Europe to levy such a tax and it is at variance with our shared objective to encourage electronic payments.

“In conclusion, we have made considerable progress in improving security and reducing bank raids. We will continue to make significant investment in our security arrangements. Going forward, we need to accelerate migration from cash to electronic transactions. AIB will fully play its part in this but it needs more support from Government.”

As was said before there is nothing new with the banks and their boys in government wanting a cashless society, the difference this time is Dermot Ahern is now on the case and giving his past history in getting some of the most tyrannical laws this nation has seen on to the law books since 1921 you have to take everything he says very seriously.

He will most likely get his department to think up some new fascist law or set of laws to force Irish people to give up using cash and get everyone on to some electronic form of payment, or just make laws that make it too expensive to use cash as he suggests in the below Irish times article by introducing high ATM’s charges.

The real reason Ahern now seems so concerned about bank raids is not because he cares about victims of crime but as was laid out by John Hickey, “all the agents of the State to work with the financial institutions in pursuit of this objective. It needs to be expedited if we are to advance towards the ultimate goal of a cashless society”.

Seen as one of the high up agents of the Irish State Ahern is just playing his part in the banks ultimate goal of a cashless society.

Irish Times

“Ahern may look at higher ATM fees after €300,000 robbery and kidnap

IRISH BANKS may need to impose much larger ATM fees on their customers if the number of bank robberies involving hostage taking is to be reduced, Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern has said.

He was speaking yesterday in the wake of the kidnapping of a bank manager’s wife, who was held hostage by an armed gang until her husband handed over €300,000 from the AIB branch where he works.

Mr Ahern said while the banks, bank workers and the gardaí had gone to considerable lengths to reduce such robberies, known as “tiger raids”, it was now time to examine if the amount of cash in circulation in Ireland should be reduced. Imposing higher fees for ATM transactions might discourage a dependence on cash and in turn reduce the amount of cash held by banks that could be targeted by organised crime gangs.

“This is something that I did raise with the heads of the banks, and something I suppose as a nation that we have to come to terms with; that we’re not as cashless a society as most of our European colleagues,” Mr Ahern said.

“If you go to other countries in Europe you’ll find that there is less cash swilling about the place than there is here in Ireland, in proportion.”

Irish banks already impose relatively small charges for some ATM transactions but charges per transaction are higher in some other jurisdictions.

Mr Ring said most cash in bank branches was stored there for use by the banks’ commercial customers and not private customers who use ATMs.


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