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Men of many masks and the cloaks of ideologies

Here’s a little bit about the Rockefellers, these great philanthropists who are interwoven with CIA. They give out Citizenship of the World Awards to most of the famous people you see on television. It’s ” The Rockefellers: An American Dynasty ” by Peter Collier and David Horowitz, published by Holt, Reinhart, Winston. Well worth reading.

It talks about old man Rockefeller, in the early 1900’s, who had accumulated massive amounts of money in the oil, coal and iron industries, all the mineral sources and resources. The same thing as Cecil Rhodes and his groups were doing on behalf of London across Africa. They had their own boys in the United States doing the same thing, who belonged to the same club, by the way. One of his company’s was called the Colorado Fuel and Iron. They had factories and mines also in Pennsylvania.

Here’s what it said on page 111:

United Miners Workers Union had complained about the measly conditions they had—terrible conditions. There were deaths every day.  They were paid pittances for their selves and their families.  This happened in many towns across the United States. One of them was called Ludlow. They settled into tent colonies. This is what the miners did. They settled into tent colonies United Miners Workers Union had set up for the small nearby mining towns of the area. One of them was named Ludlow. (This is the 23rd of September 1913).

  “What previously had been regarded as isolated incidents between the detectives–”

They brought in detectives and private armies on behalf of Rockefeller and the group.

It says here:

“… and miners now turned into military skirmishes. One of the most serious occurred on October 17, when the Baldwin-Felts men–”

These are private strikebreakers, agencies. That’s why I always tell people to be aware of private armies. We know about the big private army that’s being formed right now, don’t we?

“… the Baldwin-Felts men piled into the armored car the miners called the Death Special and raced through a tent colony near Forbes, raking the area with fire from two mounted machines guns and then speeding off into the dusk. The miners retaliated as best they could, and two weeks later Colorado’s Governor Ammons finally called out the National Guard in an attempt to restore the peace. For a time, the militiamen tried to enforce a Colorado law that forbade bringing scabs into an area where there was a labor dispute. But in the bitter winter months ahead, the state found itself unable to meet the militia’s payroll without help from the business interests ; the Guard became openly partisan–“

In other words, they were paid off.

“…escorting into the coal fields strikebreakers who had been imported by rail from as far away as Pittsburgh and Toledo. Then, in late February, with the state treasury depleted, Governor Ammons pulled out all but a few strategically stationed units; most of the militiamen who remained were openly antagonistic to the strikers. On the morning of April 20, the labor war that had thus far caused dozens of lives and came to its bloody climax. A company of militia that had repeatedly clashed with strikers took up a position on a rise overlooking the tents of Ludlow. The chill wind whipped at laundry drying stiffly on the clotheslines and curled the smoked climbing out of stovepipes poked through the tent tops. The strikers stared suspiciously at the men above them. Just after daybreak, a shot rang out from an unknown source, and the jittery militiamen responded by opening fire from their Hotchkiss guns, beginning a battle that would last all day.

“As their tents, punctured with bullets, caught fire, the strikers retreated to positions in cellars dug under the floorboards. By nightfall, the scene was one of complete devastation. There were forty dead and countless wounded. But the worst was to come. For, next morning, as the people of Ludlow emerged from under ground and walked through the smoldering colony counting their losses, they discovered the bodies of two women and eleven children who had suffocated in a cellar when the tent above them had burned. That outrage had found its symbol, and as news of it spread, other colonies of strikers began an offensive against the mine operators, seizing towns and attacking company outposts within a 250-mile radius of Ludlow. President Woodrow Wilson ordered federal troops into the area to end what threatened to become an all out war.”

That type of thing was going on in “Andy of Mayberry,” you see. That was really what was happening in the very beginning of the 1900’s; and it had already been happening through the 1800’s as well. Hollywood did a great job of convincing everyone there was nothing happening except cowboys and Indians. Industry had been there for a long time and the big magnates had been in power for a long time. You should find out how the big boys accumulated their wealth and their oil, because nothing was too dirty for them to do, including burning out any competition, including their oil wells when necessary, in order to take them over.

The greatest thing of all is how you’re told in books like these how the PR men were brought in, to change the image of a monster into a philanthropist who cared about the world and would donate money to good causes. Causes of his own choosing and sometimes of his own making, because they guide the world from both sides. The rod and the staff you see must be used to guide the people.

The media is there, of course, to smooth out their statements for us, to make them more palatable or to rephrase them in fuzzy nice ways, so that we don’t get the right impression.

There is a book out called ” Trading With the Enemy, ” a very good book worth getting. An Expose of the Nazi-American Money Plot 1933-1949. It’s published by Delacorte Press, New York. The ISBN number is: 044009064-4.  It’s one of many books that have documented the big boys behind all of the financing and the munitions building and the armaments of countries; and believe you me, it’s not what you think it is. It’s not the Christians or Jews or even Nazis really. It’s the psychopaths within all groups that know that they’re a big club—a club of psychopaths who worked together to fool all peoples.

A write up on this book says:

“For almost forty years the facts behind the extraordinary true story of Nazi-American wartime business relations have been buried in government files. And that was Charles Higham , drawing his account from thousands of documents just released under the Freedom of Information Act,”

They took a long time to release them eh? About 50 years or 60.

 “… has given us a full-scale picture of the American businessmen who dealt with the Nazis right through World War II. Among those who traded on both sides of the war were certain executives of Standard Oil…”

That’s Rockefeller.

“…of New Jersey, the Chase Bank…”

Part of the Federal Reserve.

“…the Texas Company, ITT, Ford, and Sterling Products .”

They missed a few here. There’s no GM.

“And helping them with their dealings were such government officials as a secretary of commerce, an assistant secretary of state, and ambassadors to France and Great Britain. The Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, was Nazi-controlled but presided over by an American, even in 1944. At one of its yearly meetings, the bank’s president sat down with his German, Japanese, Italian, British, and American executive staff to discuss shipments of 378 million dollars in gold sent to the bank by the Nazi government for use by its leaders after the war. This was gold looted from the banks of Austria, Belgium, and Czechoslovakia, or melted down from teeth fillings, eyeglass frames, and wedding rings of murdered Jews.”

They should add gypsies because they keep missing them.

 “But that is only one of the stories. Standard Oil of New Jersey executives shipped the Nazis oil through Switzerland while Allied forces endured restrictions of supplies and shortages abounded . Ford Motor Company trucks were built for Nazi troops with authorization from Ford directors in the U.S. The chairman of ITT supplied much of Hitler’s communications system. The list of those who chose Business as Usual—even when the business was with their country’s enemy—is long and shocking.

“Charles Higham, biographer and former New York Times writer, presents a meticulously documented, dispassionately told behind-the-scenes picture of American involvement with the Nazis before, during, and after World War II.”

That’s one of many books on this. One of the better ones I’ve read is to do with the front shell company called I.G. Farben. A book called ” The Crimes and Punishment of I.G. Farben ” is well worth reading because it goes into all of this, to how all the big boys in England, the United States and other warring countries got together to create this umbrella, which really was the war machine behind Nazism. It’s a phenomenal story and how during the Nuremberg trials I.G. Farben still retained its name as a shell group comprising all of these particular companies I’ve mentioned, and a lot more including Baxter Laboratories, which still gives inoculations and makes inoculations for people. Someone you can really trust. They sent over representatives, massive big time lawyers from the U.S. to try and sway the investigation away from too much inquiry into I.G. Farben and the companies and the shareholders and the names of those involved. Yes, there were people from all nationalities, all religions involved in it, including Jews. That’s something that should be looked at very carefully by Jewish groups.

Those who follow the big foundations should definitely look into who these great benefactors are. All it is, as I say, is a PR job written by professional experts to give you a false impression of these people. They’re dynasties of psychopathic monsters and war is business to them; in any shape or form, it’s a business; and they have incredible arrogance, an incredible lack, in fact. There is no empathy at all in them. There is no shame or guilt—it doesn’t exist.  These characters still run the world today.

You know Nazism has been decried and decried as though it was the only crime on the planet for so long; and yet Nazism, as the people generally know it, is only the outer shell of something much higher, because in its higher form it was not a German concept. It wasn’t meant to simply be a local national thing. It was a world type of concept of evolution of the supermen. The exact same philosophy as those in the big foundations and their families believe in; and it’s still going on well. It’s alive. It was a philosophy of perfecting humanity through “special breeding” and science. Now we have genetic engineering and you wonder who has been paying all the money into the genetic research. Do your homework. I hope by now, when you find the answers, you will not be surprised. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s a — Yes.

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