Wise Up Journal
By Benjamin Smith-Kavanagh

According to IBEC’s website, the “Lisbon ‘Yes’ vote will help secure US investment in Ireland”, it is instantly clear why they are blatantly lying that it will be good for Ireland, when you consider that 90% of the people of Ireland come from high middle class to lower class.

When they say Ireland they are talking about the 10%. Only big business and big Government will benefit from this treaty at the expense of workers and small to medium seized businesses. The recent Laval judgement highlights why Big Business is in support of this treaty.

‘Free-for-all’ to follow EU ruling, reported by TT /David Landes

“The judgment paves the way for more Latvian companies to start working in Sweden. Companies with a valid collective bargaining agreement in Latvia could, according to the ruling, pay wages to Latvian workers assigned to Sweden on par with those paid to workers in Latvia. “I believe that’s the understanding,” said Ulf Bernitz, professor in European law at Stockholm University. In his opinion, Swedish unions can no longer go on strike against companies from other EU member states who have collective bargaining agreements in their home countries.”

As someone who worked for one of the largest Multi-National companies in the world I know how the majority of large companies work. They already have agencies within the company, at least five to six different agencies, sub-contractors. One agency employs cleaners, another temporary security staff etc. If this treaty is passed all the Irish agencies will be replaced by foreign ones. This will dramatically decrease the cost of business, while forcing workers to accept a pittance. No small to medium seized business would be able to compete with this. It is no feat of intellect to understand why IBEC are spreading the myth that the world will fall apart without the treaty. They are the ones who will profit most if this treaty is passed, not small to medium seized business or the 90% of people living in our Nation.

Let’s look at how IBEC is trying to manipulate us into voting yes:

IBEC Director of EU and International Affairs Brendan Butler says: “The Treaty will protect key national interests and also reform the EU to face the challenges ahead. Our ability to set our own tax policy is guaranteed along with arrangements concerning foreign direct investment. This means that Ireland will remain among one of the most attractive places in the world to invest. The success of the treaty will encourage more US investment and the creation of more jobs.”

“The Treaty will reform how decision are made in the EU so that Europe can remain an engine for economic growth and prosperity. The Treaty will enable the EU to respond faster to the new challenges ahead, such as energy security, the rise of India and China as economic forces, and climate change. This is vital for the success of business in Ireland.”

If Brendan Butler ever read what the Lisbon Treaty proposes, he would know that his statement is completely untrue. For if the Irish vote yes on the Lisbon Treaty it will damage Ireland’s ability to set our own tax policy, for if ratified, it gives the EU the power by an unanimity vote (not a referendum) to switch taxes to the QMV structure in which Ireland will have less then 1% of a say on how the new EU federal State is run, and the EU will be able to dictate what they want our corporate tax rate to be. Big EU states like Germany have constantly complained about Ireland’s corporate tax rate, and the French Finance Minister recently said they are determined to harmonise tax rates across Europe. Ireland’s low tax rate is viewed as a distortion of competition. It is 12% now it could soon be 25%. They will also have the power to take away Ireland’s ability to give tax breaks as these big states will be competing against us and will want to attract large Multi-Nationals over to their own nations.

Economic growth and prosperity are being sold as a reason to vote yes. China at this moment is one the fastest growing economic powers in the world, but do you think the majority of the Chinese people see the benefits or does the Government and big business keep it for themselves? The Laval judgment shows us exactly what the EU thinks of workers’ rights, they think workers don’t have the right to demand a decent level of pay and under this ruling with the Lisbon Treaty ratified it would be illegal to protest, even for Unions. The same thing happens in China.

Another serious lie being promoted is that this treaty is needed in order to cope with climate change. Which has been proven to be blown out of proportion in order to introduce a global carbon tax, climate change is a natural occurring phenomena and the EU parliament this week voted not to disclose a financial audit proving criminal activity of how they spend our tax money. The EU now wants to put limits on CO2 levels and tax people for existing (your footprint). If we can’t trust them with the amount of money we currently pay why would we give them even more to play with? The new EU permanent president created by the Lisbon Treaty (if we vote yes) will be given a new private jet and a palace.

Lets go back into the IBEC article and see how they are trying to scare us into voting yes:

IBEC made the call following a new report, which outlines the staggering level of investment that has been made by US companies here. Corporate America’s investment position in Ireland was €52.5 billion in 2006. Remarkably, this is significantly ahead of the investment by US companies in China, Russia , India and Brazil combined, which stood at €45.6 billion. In 2006 alone, US foreign direct investment in Ireland hit €8.4 billion, which is nearly double the amount of US investment in all of South America in the same period.

“Our relationship with US business is of critical importance. The US remains the principle source of foreign direct investment in Europe. There are currently 470 US companies operating in Ireland, which provide over 95,000 well paid jobs. These companies set up here because of our favourable tax rates, our access to an EU market of 500 million customers and our well-educated dynamic English speaking workforce.”

“Business is keen the see Ireland at the very heart of a reformed and better functioning EU. A no vote would create uncertainty and send a very worrying signal back into the boardrooms of American companies, where decisions are made about future investment in Ireland,” concluded Mr Butler.”

It is impossible to say “A no vote would create uncertainty and send a very worrying signal back into the boardrooms of American companies” for if the Irish vote no absolutely nothing will change and by the articles own admission Ireland is one of the top nations in attracting US investment.

We all need to look past this manipulation and realise the Treaty of Lisbon is not a good thing for the people of Europe and the people of Ireland. Let us send a message to big Government and to big business, that we will not pass a treaty that benefits the minority (superclass) to the determent of the majority (us). Give everyone in the EU not just Ireland a vote and until you to that we will vote a resounding no.