We the people of Eire / Youtube


Last week (Feb 25th) the Gardai, Irish Police force, protested by the thousands and We The People Of Eire interviewed the Garda Representative Association. In this video, posted on the left, you can hear Deputy General Secretary of the Garda Representative Association, Mr. John Healy say the government has “sat around while our banks have been raided by private individuals for their personal profit” where “43 billion has been made in the last three years of the Celtic Tiger while 1% of the population has profited. They paid no taxes, bankers that have switch their accounts from account to account. And individuals who have directly and openly manipulated share values. In any other country that would be illegal, but for the members of Garda Siochana the only thing that’s legal in this country is picking their [Garda] pockets.”


Same video with more Music (harder to hear speeches)

2007, Wise Up Journal article (proof the depression was manufactured): Irish Stock Market Crash & Global Depression *