Wise Up Journal
By Benjamin Smith-Kavanagh

How many people reading this would have ever heard of the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) Treaty or LOST? If you did you would know that our Government sold our nation to the UN over twelve years ago in 1996. Not only have they sold our nation , the general public don’t know. Our Government has ratified this treaty and when the last few remaining nations ratify it the UN will take control of our sea, charge taxes on exports and imports on top of the import/export taxes we pay to the Irish Government. The treaty allows the UN to take control of natural minerals found under our sea. Then the treaty give the UN authority to set-up an International Seabed Authority (ISA) which allows them to solve disputes within it’s own international tribunal, any nation that signed the treaty is held accountable under this authority.

In the following article Dana Gabriel highlights the UN’s push for control over every nation.

Dead in the Water, Law of the Sea Treaty Resurfaces:

Currently, 155 nations have ratified LOST with the U.S. being the only one out of the major powers not to do so. LOST will establish a comprehensive set of rules and regulations governing the oceans of the world. The International Seabed Authority will have the power to regulate ocean research and exploration, which may include setting quotas for oil. This could make any new oil and gas finds more difficult to develop. There are fears by some experts that the Seabed Authority could essentially become the ocean’s police force, being accountable only to the UN. The decision to grant or withhold mining permits will be theirs to make. It will also be able to compete on its own for even higher profits leading to a huge conflict of interest.

“The Law of the Sea treaty also would give the UN power to tax American citizens and businesses, which has been a long-time dream of the anti-sovereignty globalists. LOST would also establish an international court system to enforce its provisions and rulings. Imagine not being able to do business internationally without the approval of the United Nations. This treaty was clearly written by those who wish to have a world government. Global taxes, international courts: we are well on are way to this becoming a reality. “

– Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul

Over the years there have been attempts to alter certain provisions of LOST in an effort to get the U.S. to sign on, as it is doomed to failure without American ratification. Although there have been some changes, it still contains many of its original flaws. The Taxing of U.S. and other corporations which mine the ocean floors would constitute the first source of independent revenue for the UN. This is the model for a global taxation system, and the transfer of wealth and technology to the third world. It doesn’t matter if they call it permits, fees, or royalties, this will be a global taxation plan and another step towards world government. LOST may have jurisdiction over matters on land and air because of the potential affects it could have on the oceans of the world. It sets up a system of tribunals and panels to resolve disputes. This puts U.S. interests at the mercy of international courts, which tend to be anti-American. The best example is the WTO tribunals, who are often hostile to U.S. interests. It could lead to the U.S. being sued because of greenhouse gas emissions that pollute the oceans. LOST could also override domestic laws and the Supreme Court, and might be used as a back-door for a global warming or other environmental taxation. Under the guise of protecting the environment, the UN is gaining more control over individuals and nation states alike. LOST will take away America’s rights to free movement on the high seas, with the UN telling us what we can and cannot do.

A handful of reasons why our Government should never have signed this treaty, found on Wikipedia:

National sovereignty: The treaty creates the International Seabed Authority (ISA) with its own dispute resolution tribunal. However, should the US stop its current compliance with the US-negotiated laws of the Convention, the U.S. could not be taken to the Law of the Sea Tribunal since the U.S. has indicated that it would choose binding arbitration rather than availing itself of the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea.

The environment: Some of the Convention’s conservation provisions would provide new avenues for non-US environmental organizations to affect domestic US environmental policies by pursuing legal action in both US and international courts. In addition, requirements that nations either harvest their entire allowable catch in certain areas or give the surplus to other nations could result in mandated over fishing.

Taxation: The license fees and taxes levied on economic activities in the deep seabed area by the ISA would be, in effect, a form of ‘taxation without representation’. Citizens would be indirectly taxed through business and governmental activities in the area.

Economics: Businesses can already exploit resources from the international area; ratifying the treaty would force them to buy licenses for that right and pay taxes on the proceeds.
Navigation rights not threatened: One of the treaty’s main selling points, legally recognized navigation rights on, over, and under straits, is unnecessary because these rights are not currently threatened by law or by any military capable of opposing the US.

Harm to de-militarizing operations: The treaty would
require all unmanned ocean vessels, including submarines used for mine detection to protect ships exercising the right of innocent passage, to navigate on the surface in territorial waters to be entitled to the right of innocent passage. The operative language is identical to that contained in the 1958 Convention on the Territorial Sea and Contiguous Zone to which the U.S. is already a party.

No control over funding: The treaty gives a blank check to the UN, funded by the US. The US would have no control over how the money is used.

Eminent domain: The treaty applies eminent domain to intellectual property giving the UN the power to seize technology and share it with potentially enemy states.

Lack of need: The U.S. already honors almost all the
provisions of the treaty. For practical purposes, there is no pressing need to ratify it that outweighs the negatives of the remaining provisions. Any perceived benefit of an improved U.S. image world-wide is likely to be illusory.

The point to remember is that this treaty will only become active when the last few remaining nations ratify it, but once they do the UN can start to dictate over every nation and every business. Not only will every business in Ireland have to pay export/import duties to the Irish Government, they will also have to pay these taxes to the UN. The effect this will have on the cost of business and on the cost of living, will be to skyrocket prices. Every business in every nation will be paying double taxes, when they buy and sell goods to each other they will have to increase the price by the new amount the UN will take from them. Within one year of this treaty becoming active, consumers in Ireland and other nations would struggle to afford their regular food shopping list never mind luxuries such as cars and holidays.

Who’s interests did our Government have in mind when they signed and ratified up this treaty? The treaty that will make it near impossible for people with good careers to have a decent standard of living, let alone people who are less fortunate who are already feeling the pressure of surviving in our high priced, high taxed society? These are the people who we all need to look out for the most, the single parents, the elderly trying to live on a small pension, the people working on minimum wage and the disabled. Do you think our Government has our interests at heart, knowing what this treaty would do to the cost of business and to the cost living? To put it simply, we cannot allow our Government to get away with these kind of actions any longer. We all need to take a stand and say no, no, no we will not allow you our servants to sell our nation to the highest bidder. You work for us and the moment you forget that we will hold you accountable.