Irish Independent
By Senan Molony Deputy Political Editor

NO carbon tax will be imposed in the forthcoming Budget, despite[…] a promise to introduce the measure in the Programme for Government.

The Green Party is privately conceding that the measure is off the table for the December Budget — the second year in a row that consumers will escape.

A spokesman for the Minister for the Environment, John Gormley, said last night that the matter was complex, and the party was seeking to introduce carbon pricing in a “holistic” way[…]

The carbon tax is still on the agenda[…]

At the same time, however, Taoiseach Brian Cowen has warned party members — in a message sent out last week — that the Government could not delay making important decisions to control climate change.

The Greens are, meanwhile, reportedly seeking a lowering of speed limits to cut emissions.

A spokesman said last night: “We are absolutely committed to the carbon levy, and it is in the Programme for Government. Road traffic speeds are ultimately a matter for the Department of Transport.”

Green party Senator Dan Boyle said the party was “critically looking at our speed limits”,

A levy would weigh disproportionately on rural households, according to the report, since houses are bigger, distances longer and more transport involves the use of cars in rural areas.

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