A BBC Newsnight report from February 2008 (posted on youtube) on how Members of the European Parliament abusing “expenses”. At the end of the report BBC tries to make out that the MEP document under “lock and guard” only relates to MEPs from “poor” states and British MEPs are of a different non-criminal breed. The news from May of 2009 was saturated with by reports of British MPs and MEPs scamming thousands of Euro and pounds from their “expenses” paid for by the public. This scandal has been around a long time, will it be used now to expose selected MEPs at election time?

Joke elections

MEPs have as much power as employees of a business have with a suggestion box. The only directly elected members for the EU, MEPs, have no authority to propose or amend laws. They can only make suggestions to amend laws and their votes in parliament are just a show, they’re votes are not legally binding. In a western democracy people have the freedom to enjoy the illusion at election time.