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Federal gestapo illegally raid Gibson Guitar factories *

Climate change deniers will be despised just like racists one day, says Al Gore

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Controlling the water supply is now at the forefront of the global political agenda *

World Bank to suggest CO2 levy on jet, shipping fuel

Coalition commits Britain to legally binding emission cuts

EPA Whistleblower Criticizes Global Warming in Peer-Reviewed Study

Lobbyists who cleared ‘Climategate’ academics funded by taxpayers and the BBC

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Save the planet by having fewer babies, says BBC presenter

Brussels to propose €2.5 trillion overhaul of EU transport sector

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The UK and EU pay Greens to lobby them, says report

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India: Sterilisation in tribal-dominated districts

Ireland: Environmental packs for schools issued

Ireland’s EPA says the recession has helped to reduce carbon emissions

China forces woman into abortion

Go vegetarian, by order of Government food police

US physics professor letter of resignation

Surprise, Surprise Greens Want Euthanasia/’Rational Suicide’

US women more likely to accept climate science than men, study finds

Vice-chancellor involved in Climate-Gate will not prove the science after promising government

The CDM delivers the greatest green scam of all

Green taxes could treble by 2020, costing taxpayers more than £16billion a year

Business facing a wave of green taxes

40 billionaires hide behind charity foundations to fund The Cause

Desperate days for the warmists

Brussels plans to test drivers on environmental friendliness

The Prince of Wales accuses sceptics of peddling ‘pseudo science’

British Prince’s New Global Unit Targets Food, Water, and Energy *

Never mind the Climategate whitewash – what about our new £50 billion annual climate bill?

‘Climategate’, ‘Amazongate’ - when will the truth be told?

The £84 per year green tax hidden on energy bills that most consumers do not know they are paying

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Maurice Strong wants Global Governance not a Global Government, there is a difference *

France details plans for ‘carbon inclusion mechanism’

Climate body chief defends use of ‘grey literature’

Carbon tax is an expensive fraud

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Want to save the planet? Eat less meat and dairy

Don’t let the voters know we face bankruptcy

The Company of Howard Hughes’ Climate Change Fight - Old Govt Documentation On Geoengineering *

EU Commission calls for financial tax and levies on carbon emissions

Climate change is the new health and safety

Gordon Brown calls for global climate fund

WWF hopes to find $60 billion growing on trees

Government rebuked over global warming nursery rhyme adverts

A perfect storm is brewing for the IPCC

Govt: Low Carbon Society Law Need For Ireland *

Fuel bills will pay for eco-upgrades

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£60m bill for the CO2 of our political class

£9m spent on climate change propaganda for attitude modification programmes

British Council gets in on the climate act

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Climategate: confusion over the law in email case

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Pachauri: the real story behind the Glaciergate scandal

First there was Dolly, now prepare for “Zero CO2″ the burp-free sheep *

It has a gigantic supercomputer, 1,500 staff and a £170m-a-year budget. So why does the Met Office get it so wrong?

2009 UN policy brief on how to accelerate fertility decline in the least developed countries *

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Despite attempts to downplay the Copenhagen Treaty, Obama admits it will have immediate operational effect *

Threat of climate change should be treated like war say engineers

Religion must evolve to lead us to ecological salvation

Telegraph:Everyone in Britain could be given a personal ‘carbon allowance’

Sacked ‘green martyr’ wins right to sue firm after judge rules: Believing in global warming is the same as believing in God

Mainstream media starting to report on weather modification, but pass it off as being normal

Irish Independent promotes eugenics and depopulation again

New EU-US energy council to be set up early November

The real climate change catastrophe *

Former World Bank chief economist compares eating meat to drink driving *

Moscow Mayor Promises a Winter Without Snow *

Climate change ad aimed at children, tries to scare people into believing the Government backed fairytale

‘The gravest of all problems’: Be tougher on litter louts than muggers, says judge

Smart meters could be ’spy in the home’ and new 1,000 pound bin fines

Soros pushes the green political agenda, while green solutions mean no freedom *

Guardian: China’s ‘weather modification’ works like magic *

The toxic by-products of eco-politics

U.N. climate meeting was propaganda: Czech president

Sarkozy imposes carbon tax to ’save human race’

Times: Carbon footprint fines for employee-personal-emissions in use

Carbon-rationing for everyone because of legally-binding targets to cut emissions *

Media corporations culturing the mental ground of reproduction laws

Your carbon footprint’s dust in the wind *

Cloud ship scheme to deflect the sun’s rays is favourite to cut global warming

Bill Gates has submitted a patent to control the weather

Global cooling hits Al Gore’s home

Obama’s Science Czar Considered Forced Abortions, Sterilization as Population Growth Solutions

Hysteria is the real threat, not global warming

The True Face Of Global Warming *

Times: G8 leaders agree to control the weather

WSJ - Number of skeptics is swelling everywhere *

The EPA Silences a EPA Climate Skeptic *

Daily Mail: Expect public pennies squeezed for electricity and cheap independent farming phased out *

BBC - Population In The East Of England Was Sprayed With Poisonous Compound *

Obama Leads The Green Global Revolution With Major Shift In U.S. Policy

CO2 tax on international air travel to ‘fight’ the weather changing

Mikhail Gorbachev calls for a Global Revolution *

Telegraph: New type of cloud found - exactly what is causing them?

The great carbon credit con: Why are we paying the Third World to poison its environment? *

Telegraph: Global Warming survey team now safe from freezing Arctic - Arctic warmer in the 1940s *

Every UK home will install remote controlled energy meters

Times: ‘Green’ lightbulbs poison people and the environment

Telegraph: U.S. declares, CO2, a life giving gas to vegetation, a ‘threat to public health’ *

AP / Google News: Obama looks at spraying skies with particles because ‘global warming is so dire’

Sir David Attenborough - reduce the number of people on Earth to protect wildlife

Mandatory volunteerism service to produce new ideology for American youth *

Times: UK population must be cut to 30m says Gordon Brown’s adviser *

“Never waste a good crisis” - Hillary Clinton (video) *

Sky News: Global Governance deal requires ‘all continents’ and ‘all countries’ to conform

BBC, IPCC and NSIDC Caught Spinning Out of Control Global Warming Propaganda *

1974 Time Magazine Article on Global Cooling and More *

Telegraph: Every Home To Be CO2 Audited And Loans Offered For New Low CO2 Appliances *

Irish Minister Bans Global Warming Adverts

Brown’s Adviser Plans To Ration Holiday Flights And Issue Personal Co2 Ration Cards

Sky News: Council ‘Energy Police’ *

Meat to be removed from hospital menus as NHS tells patients to ring GPs to cut carbon emissions *

EU to propose €150bn climate tax on rich nations

UK homes visited by Govt to monitor waste and tell you what size food portions to eat *

Govt stress from a £16,000 CO2 Bill Kills Woman

Tyrannical litter bylaw ‘nightmare’ for Dublin retailers and protesters *

UK homeowners to lose control over appliances

Telegraph: 2008 was the year man-made global warming was disproved *

Obama vows to end global warming ‘denial’ after Gore talks

UN Blowback: More Than 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims *

Beware The Church Of Climate Alarm *

International Green Court Backed By Lawyers And Prime Ministers *

Reuters: China Promotes Abortion To Reduce CO2 - People Are Enemy #1 *

74 Years Since Oct Snowfalls - Deprogramming Global Warming *

UN announces ‘Green New Deal’ for transformation of world economies

Great EU Move, If Health Dangers And Money Wasting Are The Goals - EU Ban *

Carbon Tax Provisions Hidden In U.S. Bailout Bill

Meat must be rationed to four portions a week, says report on climate change

Fascist Ireland - €4,500 levy for ‘removal of private cars from city centres’ urged report *

Professor Takeda - Blame Global Warming On Humans To Prevent Up-and-coming Nations From Developing

Carbon Footprint Food Labels - Unhealthy Food Is Greener *

The Anti-Human Agenda *

Irish Prime Minister Committed to United Nations Depopulation Agenda and Savors Ireland’s Dying Society *

New Subjects In School Shake-Up: Credit Card Debt, Climate Change, Obesity, And Responsibilities As World Citizens *

Sustainable Development – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing *

Irish consumers escape Life-Giving-Gas Tax ‘the second year in a row’ but may have to drive slowly

Agenda 21 – The UN Blueprint for the 21st Century *

MSM raises insanity levels as it promotes insect farts as a ‘major contributor to global warming’

The First Global Revolution - Green Agenda *

BBC reports on Global Dimming - What is it? And what could be causing it? *

New Controversial Car Parking CO2 Tax *

British Kids Encouraged To Become “Climate Cops”

Irish Independent Promotes Eugenics and Depopulation *

Doctors: Limit families to two children ‘to combat climate change’

Myth of Consensus Explodes: APS Opens Global Warming Debate *

Top Rocket Scientist: No Evidence CO2 Causes Global Warming

Global Warming Conclusively Debunked As Gore Calls For CO2 Tax

‘Greens’ are the enemies of liberty *

G8 leaders’ UN pledge to create global poverty by enforcing the reduction of life giving gas (CO2) levels by 50% *

Personal Carbon Credits Backed by MPs

The Global Crisis: Food, Water and Fuel

Homer Simpson Is The Cause Of Global Warming / Climate Change !

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Ted Turner: World Needs a ‘Voluntary’ One-Child Policy for the Next Hundred Years - Billion Eugenicist Confronted on Calls for 95% Population Reduction *

Rockefellers urge action on climate change

Reshaping the International Order - Part 4 - Reshaping Public Opinion and the White Coated Propagandists *


World Bank Climate Profiteering *

Global Warming gets the Cold Freeze *

The Next Million Years - Part 5 - Over-Population and the Sanctity of Life

Report: EU Must Build Military in Face of Climate Change *

EU threatens sanctions on CO2 “rebels”

Global Warming ‘Hysteria’ Is Claimed

Mankind at the Turning Point - Part 3 - A Planned World Economy

Mankind at the Turning Point - Part 2 - Creating A One World Consciousness

EU target on global warming to ‘change Irish lifestyle’

EU plans to see our economy blown away

Who Will Control Your Thermostat?

Ireland forced by EU not to ban light bulbs until all members are told to

Consensus Shattered As Major Scientific Study Says Global Warming Is Natural*

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Australia - lifelong child tax for CO2 emissions!

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